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Knowledge Base

Ticket Scanning: Barcodes, QR Codes, NFC

What Does a Ticket Scanning App Do?

Join 100+ ticketing companies and event organizers who use our brandable, customizable ticket-scanning app. Scan barcodes with smartphones, tablets, and dedicated scanning devices to control access and validate tickets at a single event or thousands of events each year.

Here are the top 10 reasons why ticket providers use the CodeREADr app.

FAQs About Ticket Scanning

Do I use CodeREADr to create, sell, and/or send the tickets for my event?

No. You need to create and distribute your own digital or printed tickets. Using our website, you will manually or automatically upload your ticket database to our server. Alternatively, you can use our API directly or connect with a third-party service to post your ticket IDs to our server.

Then, you can use our mobile apps on-site for scanning and verifying those tickets at the event. That’s our core competency. If helpful, you can also generate QR code images with CodeREADr through our API or by exporting those images.

How can I prevent event guests from using the same ticket twice?

You can implement duplicate checking to alert your app users when a ticket has already been scanned. Therefore, the app user knows when a ticket is a duplicate and no longer valid. In addition, combine ticket IDs and purchase vouchers into the same validation database.

How can I scan NFC wristbands? And can I scan both barcodes and NFC?

Most iOS and Android OS devices have built-in NFC readers. On the Advanced Step, you can configure the CodeREADr mobile app to scan NFC alone or scan both NFC and barcodes.

Do we need special hardware to scan tickets?

No. CodeREADr is compatible with most devices. This includes iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as dedicated mobile computers. However, we do not sell any hardware. Thus, you need to purchase devices to use with the CodeREADr mobile app. Alternatively, your app users can use their own, personal devices.

Is there any way to control the capacity of an event?

Yes. You can use our Check-In/Out (CIO) curated service. With that, you can limit how many people are allowed into your event. The CIO service includes the option to alert the user that capacity has been reached. Also, it will not mark tickets as valid until the number of presently checked-in people is under the limit.

Can I make the app look any different? For example, can I change what it says when a ticket is invalid or include my company’s logo?

Yes, you can. We offer the ability to customize the display of the response screen as well as change the response text. Also, there are both free and paid options for white labeling the app to include your logo.

Do we need to use paper tickets or can digital codes be scanned?

Our barcode scanner will work with any barcode in any form, including printed and digital tickets. This includes small, dense, damaged, partially obscured, and poorly printed barcodes, and even barcodes at extreme angles. Also, if you are having trouble scanning, we offer an advanced scanning engine that is even more accurate.

Does the pricing depend on how many tickets we scan?

No. Every paid plan includes unlimited scans. Also, our pricing model is based on devices. For instance, we count a device as billable if your authorized app-user signs into the device during your monthly billing period. Moreover, the monthly count is not based on concurrently used devices. Instead, it’s the total number of unique devices that signed in during your monthly billing period. Also, each month, this count resets, and each device sign-in counts towards your plan limit.

How can I allow for re-entry?

There are two options for re-entry. First, allow an unlimited number of scans with the barcode value. This is the default for valid codes. Second, if you want to track when attendees come and go, use Check-In/Out. This service has the option to disallow check-in without checking out or vice versa. Also, with Check-In/Out, you can monitor the entry and exit of each ticket holder.

What if there isn’t a good internet connection at an event venue?

That’s not a problem. The CodeREADr mobile app can be configured to work online or offline.