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Knowledge Base

Device & Data Requirements

Table of Contents

Compatible Devices

For iOS and Android, you can use the built-in camera for scanning barcodes or use a scanning accessory. Generally, the rear autofocus camera is used but the front camera can be used for some applications (e.g. kiosk mode for barcode scanning).

  • iOS:  Requires iOS 10 or greater.

The version to use in the field is the CodeREADr: Barcode Scanner production app. Also, there’s an Admin Edition for administrators to test new app features before they are pushed live to the production app. You will be notified if you should use that version to test.

  • Android OS:  The Android app requires Android OS 5.0 or greater and an auto-focus camera. Note: Android APKs are available on request if the Android device does not have access to Google Play or the device is running an Android OS lower than 5.0.

Note: Future updates to the CodeREADr app may not support older iOS or Android OS versions. You will not be able to newly install the app to those older devices unless you update the OS of the device. If you cannot update the OS to our new minimums, generally (not guaranteed, though) you can continue using the pre-installed app but not install the latest version.

Data Requirements

Using the CodeREADr app does not require a cellular data plan. You can use the app on a Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks. For scanning directly to your own server within a local network, please refer to our Direct Scan to URL (DSU) option.

What data is appended to the scan?

Embedded Barcode Value

First, each successful scan delivers the data embedded in the barcode to the app user’s device. Then, the user will see real-time results of the barcode value whether it is just reading the data. Ultimately, the system will validate the values against the CodeREADr database or your database.

Hidden Account Information

Along with the data embedded in the barcode, the CodeREADr app passes the user’s account information. Also, this is to sync the app user and barcode value with their online account to record, track, and validate each scan. This includes:

  • The Service ID
  • Device ID of the App User
  • Username of the App User
  • Date and Time of the scan
  • Data Collection response when applicable
  • Custom response text associated with the barcode value – if applicable