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Searching and Filtering Scan Records

How to Filter and Export Scans video

Filtering Scans

On the left-hand side of your CodeREADr admin account page, you will find the Scans tab. This page is where all of your scan records exist. There are many options for filtering these records so that history shows only what is relevant to your needs. On the left-hand side of the Scans page, the Filter Options area includes all of the choices available to you for sorting scans.

Basic Filtering

You can filter by the date range to show only scans, from yesterday or this month or any custom period of time. Above that dropdown, you will see the three options for date order. When you select options related to time such as the date range just chosen, you can change what the date refers to.

For example, should you want to sort the scans to ones modified on the device last week, you will need to change the selection to “date modified.” If there were no modifications made to the scans after the initial scanning, this date and time will be the same as “date scanned.” But, let’s say all of your scans were taken a week before, and then some were modified today, selecting “date modified” and “today” will show ONLY these types of scan records.

Also, you can choose to show scans only in a certain timezone. Furthermore, you have many options for arranging the order in which your scan records appear and if this is shown increasing or decreasing through your scan history.

Scan filter

Advanced Options

Back at the top of the section are more advanced search options to help refine your scan history even further. These include searching for a specific barcode value, response text, and/or scan ID.  In addition, you have the option to show only the most recent scan for each individual barcode value.

Viewing Records on the Scans Page

At the top of the scans page, you will see some more data visualizations available to you on the site. These include a map view of your recorded GPS locations, a photo gallery for images taken with a scan, and scan stats.

Also, for on-device scans that you upload, you are able to view and sort them. Another feature is bulk scan removal. This will remove every scan in your history or just those as part of a filtered sort. For example, to delete only scans from a certain date or only invalid scans.

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