Remote Ordering App

Create workflows for your merchants and sales reps to use codeREADr as your ordering app

Setup your merchants to scan the items you supply at their location, enter a quantity and place an order.

Enable your sales reps to scan your on-site products to check inventory and place orders on behalf of their customers.

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Real-time item checking and ordering when online

With each scan the app user can connect in real-time to your own item database or one stored on codeREADr’s servers.

Real time scanning and checking

Auto-sync option for fast scanning and quantity entry when offline

Is the on-location Internet connectivity unstable? No problem. The app user can record offline or validate against a database stored on their device.

Record and validate offline

Manage unlimited locations, merchants and sales reps by issuing unique app credentials

Issue app user credentials to authorized merchants and sales reps. When they sign into the app they must follow the simple, pre-defined workflow you created as the administrator, minimizing support and data collection errors.

Manage unlimited locations with unique credentials

Upload your database of available items including description, price, photo and MOQ

Optionally supplement the item’s description with additional info necessary for the app user to identify the item, the conditions for purchase, the expected on-hand quantity, etc.

Upload database with descriptions, prices and photos

Monitor inventory at client locations

Monitor inventory

Do you have a checklist of expected inventory at each location? With the app’s Lookup feature your app users can look up what’s there and what’s not there based on what they’ve scanned and not scanned.

They can use their own smartphones and tablets

Provisioning scanning devices can be expensive and a logistics nightmare. Instead, simply have your merchants and reps download the app and immediately scan with their own devices.

Use your own smartphone and tablet

Track samples given to customers

Regulatory issues with samples? Have your reps scan the sample’s serial number and record to whom they gave it and you’ll have a formal record.

Track samples given out

Integrate with POS, order entry and third party databases with API’s

Post scan records directly to your own servers, auto-insert into cloud databases, retrieve with our API or simply download as a CSV file.

Post scan records directly to your own servers

Fastest UPC barcode scanner in the industry

Quickly scan 50 barcode types, including UPC/EAN, Data Matrix, QR Code, PDF-417, Code 39, Code 128 and more.

Fastest Remote Ordering App

Post scans directly to your server

Post scan records directly to your own server

Post scan records to our server and then to yours or post directly to your servers. Either way, your app users can work online or offline.

Use smartphones, tablets or scanning accessories

Merchants who already own scanning devices can use them with Chromebooks directly or with PCs and Macs through Android emulators.

Compatible with mobile devices and barcode scanning accesories

White label option as your own scan to order app

Freely brand the app with your logo or upgrade to white label – your store listing, your icon on the app user’s device.

Remote ordering app with own logo