We offer one of the fastest barcode scanners on the market

Eliminate mistakes and improve speed with our SD Pro advanced scanning engine

fastest barcode scanner
SD Pro Scan Engine Compared to Standard

What is SD Pro?

Upgrading to our SD PRO scan engine enables your devices with auto-focus cameras to reliably scan any popular barcode symbology in milliseconds. With the SD Pro enhancement, your iPhone or Android device can easily scan barcodes in all conditions including:

  • Damaged barcodes
  • Partially obscured barcodes
  • Very small barcodes
  • Barcodes at extreme angles
  • Poorly printed barcodes

Use SD Pro to specify what you want to scan and exclude barcodes that don’t match your criteria

With Batch Mode, your users can scan and submit a record of up to 100 barcodes in seconds. Targeting Mode also limits what is decoded by accepting only what is captured in the resizable frame. While, in Selecting Mode, all the barcodes in the camera view are decoded and presented to your user in a list for selection.

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Smart Scan IMEI

SD Pro’s Smart Scan feature meets your complex needs and specifications for capturing barcodes

Smart Scan is our most powerful scanning tool, allowing you to accept only the barcodes that match a designated pattern. Smart Scan uses regular expression to instantly determine what to scan. This highly customizable feature boosts any iPhone or Android camera to the level of an expensive dedicated scanning device.