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Knowledge Base

Service Types

What is a Service?

You create Services with a custom workflow, enabling your authorized app users to capture and collect data exactly how you want them to. Each time your app users sign into the CodeREADr app, they need to select the service(s) that you created. The following are the standard Service types.

Record Scans Service Type

We refer the barcode value scanned as a scan record. The scan record can include the Service Name, Username, Timestamp, GPS location (option). Also, it can have as much data you want the app user to collect after each scan.

Get started with a Record Scans service

Validate Scan Service Type

When using a Validation service type, the system validates the barcode value scanned against a database online or offline. With secondary validations, you can extend validation to include checking the number of scans made during date and time periods.

These basic validations help your authorized app-users accomplish their assigned task. Also, these will cover access control, attendance, asset/inventory tracking, and more use cases


It validated the value against the validation database and exists in the database. You can present the app-user with specific information relating to the barcode scanned. Then, collect new data specifically associated with it.


The value does not exist within the validation database. You can present the app-user with prompts to collect new data specifically associated with the scanned barcode.

Invalid Duplicate

The value has been scanned before under the same service. The app user will see the scanned time. Then, they can present the app-user with a special response.

Advanced Validations

Conditional Validations allow you to set counts based on time, date, and specified days. Click here to get more details on conditional validation.

Get started with a Validate Scans service

Check In/Out

Check-In/Out is a curated service for instances that require your users to verify the status of a given value. For example, you may use this application in attendance scenarios to account for those who have entered the room and those who have not. Likewise, you can check if an asset is on a truck, at a physical site, or in a warehouse. The Check-In/Out service can incorporate a database to validate against. Also, you may simply use it to record attendance when there is no specific list.

Get started with a Check In/Out service

Table Builder

Fundamentally the Table Builder utility allows administrators to build a parent table (think of a “sheet” in Excel) and child table views where app users scan a barcode and answer data collection prompts (“Questions”) to create, edit and view as fields in each table view.

How does this differ from our standard Record Scans or Validate Scans service types? With those standard service types, only the admin can view scan records. With Table Builder, assigned app-users can see the current answers and optionally edit those answers. Also, we auto-generate a summary table for admins to view and share.

Get started with a Table Builder service

Advanced Settings

For any changes that you need to make, we offer customization through the advanced settings of all services. These settings are unique to each new service.

Offline Services

Your app-user(s) must sign in while they have Internet to make sure the service loads. Also, they should select the assigned service and scan a demo barcode to ensure that the scan engine is active. For instance, the barcode can be the one you provide as part of your instructions. Also, it can be any barcode they can find.

Thereafter, the app-user will not have to sign in to the app with connectivity for up to 5-days. However, if you change any attributes for your services or make database changes, they will need the Internet.