Create a Service

You create Services with a custom workflow enabling your authorized app users capture and collect data exactly how you want them to. Each time your app user’s sign into the codeREADr app, they need to select one or more of the services you created. The following are the standard Service types.

Record Scans

The barcode value scanned is recorded as a scan record, including the Service Name, User Name, Timestamp, GPS location (option) and as much data you want the app user to collect after each scan.

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Validate Scans

When using a Validation service type, the barcode value scanned is validated one-to-one against a database online or offline.  With secondary validations, you can extend validation to include checking the number of scans made during date and time periods.

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Whether for access control, attendance, asset/inventory tracking or any other use-case, these basic validations help your authorized app-users accomplish their assigned task.

Valid: The value has been validated against the validation database and in fact exists in the database. You can optionally present the app-user with specific information relating to the barcode scanned and collect new data specifically associated with it.

Invalid: The value does not exist within the validation database. You can optionally present the app-user with prompts to collect new data specifically associated with the barcode scanned.

Invalid Duplicate: The value has been scanned before under the same service. The app user will see when that value has been scanned before and optionally present the app-user with a special response.

Advanced: Secondary, Conditional Validations allow you to set counts based on time, date and specified days. Look here for details on conditional validation.

Offline Services

Your app-user(s) must sign into the app while they have Internet connectivity so the service configurations you’ve assigned to them are loaded to the app. Your app users should also select at least one assigned service and scan a demo barcode to ensure that the scan engine is activated. The barcode can be one you provide as part of your instructions or it can be any barcode they can find.

Thereafter the app-user will not have to sign into the app with connectivity for up to 5-days. However, if you change any attributes for your services or make database changes, they will once again need Internet connectivity.

Helpful Application-Specific Articles

Look here for Best Practices and step-by-step instructions for creating services based on your intended use.

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