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    How to Brand the App

    1. Click on ‘Accounts’, then ‘App Rebranding.’

    Account rebranding

    2. Select the file containing your logo by pressing ‘Browse’, then press ‘Upload’.

    browse for the image you want to upload

    3. If the format of the image was correct, the following message will show. Your app is now branded.

    refresh the app to see the image displayed on your device

    Image Guidelines

    Particularly, please make sure your image is no larger than 150KB. Using an image with a transparent background is encouraged. Please save your custom image in JPG, .BMP, .PNG or .GIF format.

    Also, the dimensions of the image do not matter, though square images, or images that are wider than their length, tend to look best. Importantly, all phones have different screen dimensions, thus images will look different on different screens. Experiment and see what you like best.

    In addition, for helpful tips and an in-depth look on branding, check out this article on our blog.

    How It Looks

    Here’s an example of a picture you can upload:

    Skycore logo

    Here’s how it would look like on the different devices:


    Android app rebranded

    iOS Devices

    IOS app rebranded

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