Scan to open SD Card files (Android OS)

You can use codeREADr to open files stored on the SD Card using a feature called ‘Webify’. Normally Webify opens web content but it can also be set up to open SD Card files.The Webify instructions can be found here and here is an example to open SD Card files. For this example we will assume that you have saved a PDF file manual.pdf in the device’s Download folder.

  1. Place the file in the same location on all devices.


  1. Format the special URL for viewing the file.


  1. Include a link to the special URL in your Webify html code.



<a href=”codereadr:browser:file:///sdcard/Download/manual.pdf”>Open Manual</a>



[Note: In Q4/2016 we plan to offer an advanced version of this option where your app users can auto-download a ZIP file of your content when signing into a designated Service. Please check with to see if this new option is live.]

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