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    Zapier Options

    We created an app on Zapier which uses our API to connect our cloud platform with other cloud platforms. You can find application examples on our blog. Options include:

    • Using an ACTION for auto-inserting barcode values and responses into a validation database on codeREADr’s servers. The ‘response’ is optional and generally is a description or other information associated with the barcode value.
    • Using a TRIGGER for auto-inserting scan records from codeREADr’s servers to third-party servers.
    • Using codeREADr as both the TRIGGER and the ACTION if you want the scan data from codeREADr to be auto-inserted into a codeREADr validation database. The codeREADr app can be the only source of that data or just one source of several sources.

    Action Instructions

    Here, we will cover an ACTION.

    This enables you to set up an automated system for creating a database on codeREADr’s servers. That database allows you to control access to events (or any access point). Also, you can see who the owner of an ID really is when tracking attendance. Moreover, you can make sure that you are tracking the assets you need to track and verify to the app user that they are scanning the right assets.

    Here are the ACTION instructions on using Zapier and codeREADr for access control, attendance tracking, and asset tracking.

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