April 11 2017 : Auto-Export Specially Filtered Scan Records

Automate the downloading and exporting of filtered and sorted scan records. Now filter by a) time/date range for last hour, last day, last week, etc.; b) just most recent scan for each value; and c) by the answers app users have submitted.

March 30 2017 : Scan IATA Boarding Passes

Scan boarding passes with PDF-417, Aztec and other barcode symbologies. Parse the scanned data to track and validate by passenger and ticket ID.

Jan 28 2017 : Auto-repeat session info

New ‘Shared Answers‘ feature for session info can be saved and submitted with a series of scans without requiring any re-entry. App users can change the session info as needed for a subsequent series of scans.

Nov 28 2016 : Schedule FTP uploads

Added scheduled FTP uploads for enterprise clients. Currently beta testing. General availability mid-February 2017.

Nov 28 2016 : List Only Last Scanned Values

Filter, view, share and export a list of scan records showing only the last values scanned. Great to showing last (or current) location of assets or employees/subcontractors. Export and sort by timestamp scanned to help schedule audits or to find assets missed in the last (or current) audit.

Nov 17 2016 : Scan-In, Scan-Out and Capacity Tracking

Scan a valid ticket into an event turns it into an invalid ticket. Scanning the ticket out turns it into a valid ticket again. Scanning it on re-entry turns it invalid again. Repeat as needed. Option: capture photo’s of the attendee for visual verification on re-entry.

Nov 08 2016 : Issuing Wristbands

Tap a wristband’s RFID/NFC tag and then scan the ticket or ID’s barcode to associate them together within a single scan record.

Oct 15 2016 : Use SD Card to store content

Store content on Android device’s SD Card for offline access. The app user scans the barcode and is presented with the option to open content specifically associated to that barcode.

Sept 10 2016 : Clickable link for GPS coordinates, photos, and signatures

Scan records viewed and shared using the CSV Download Link web portal now includes a clickable link for GPS coordinates, photos, and signatures which you can selectively filter and share with employees, clients and subcontractors.

Aug 20 2016 : Kiosk and Locked Modes

Now for iOS and Android: password-protected Kiosk and Locked Modes. They are ideal for a) unattended use of the app; and, b) for limiting app users to scanning and manual entry (option).

Aug 05 2016 : SD PRO

The price for our world-class SD PRO scan engine has dropped from $10.00 to only $5.00 per device effective June 1, 2016.  Why? Our volume has dramatically increased and consequently our cost to license barcode scanning IP (patents) has dropped accordingly. We are happy to pass on those savings to you.

Jul 05 2016 : Signature Capture

Signature Capture is now a standard option included in the barcode scanner app workflow.

Jun 13 2016 : Google Maps

Share Google Maps view of GPS scan locations in our CSV Download Link’s web portal.

May 31 2016 : Inventory and Asset Audits

Audit Inventory and Assets: Scans are auto-synced to a Google Sheets Add-On to view and edit audited items.

Apr 21 2016 : A/B Compare

Mar 17 2016

Launched Multi-Function Barcode and NFC tag reading technology. Look here.

Feb 19 2016

Kiosk Mode has been released for iOS devices. Look here.

Jan 29 2016

The codeREADr app is now integrated with Honeywell’s Captuvo series enterprise-ready barcode scanning sleds for iOS devices. Look here.

Dec 18 2015

Unattended Kiosk Mode is now in beta testing. Look for the formal launch in early 2016.

Nov 20 2015

The Auto Sync option can now be used for any record-only services and for validation services with up to 20,000 database values. Look here.

Oct 21 2015

Webinar – using codeREADr with Intuit’s QuickBase. Look here.

Oct 09 2015

We added conditional settings to our standard validations (Valid, Invalid, Duplicate) such as setting min/max counts based on duration and start/end periods and day ranges. Look here.

Aug 05 2015

We published a codeREADr Chromebook app on the Chrome Web Store. Look here.

Jul 09 2015

Now re-size the effective decoding frame to selectively scan a targeted barcode. Look here.

Jun 17 2015

New photo-capture option: force app-users to take a new photo, not select from the device’s photo gallery.

May 19 2015

Now insert scan records directly to cloud-based databases hosted by third-parties (e.g. QuickBase by Intuit). Look here

Apr 22 2015

Now both iOS and Android app users can re-size the scan window to better target specific barcodes in the camera view.

Mar 17 2015

The app’s database Lookup feature adds advanced search options for What’s Done and What’s Left to Do. Look here

Feb 17 2015

Easily share filtered scan records with authorized users for online preview and download. Look here.