Nov 19 2018

New “Databases” Feature: Sort by Scanned and Unscanned Values for a Specific Database

On the Database page, you can now use the advanced search option for Scanned and Unscanned values against a specific service (task). This is very useful for attendance tracking (who’s there, who’s not there); mustering (who’s been accounted for, who’s still missing); asset tracking (what’s been accounted for, what’s left to track); and facility/security patrols (what’s been checked, whats not yet checked). Soon we will also launch an option to share those reports with any authorized person.

Oct 12 2018

Barcode Scanner Modes and Smart Scan Launched

The iOS and Android mobile codeREADr apps and codeREADr web service have launched sophisticated barcode scanning technology. Here are some of the highlights:

Administrator-defined “Scanning Modes” improve the speed and accuracy of data capture.
* Batch Mode – read up to 100 barcodes in seconds in a single camera view
* Framing Mode – resizable frame only reads a barcode within the frame
* Targeting Mode – resizable aimer only reads a barcode when it touches the target barcode
* Selecting Mode – read all barcodes in the camera view and select the right one(s)

Advanced “Smart Scan” technology auto-captures the right barcode(s) in a camera view.
* Administrator defines scanner profiles
* Create filters to match barcode type(s) and characteristics (prefix, suffix, etc.)
* Create sets of filters and matches when the context changes

Sept 28 2018

Custom On-Device Validation Launched

The new Custom On-Device Validation (COV) feature allows you to change the status of and response to a scan based on context.

Examples include:* Changing the scan status (e. g. Valid to Invalid) based on the answer submitted to an app-user prompt; or when certain text is detected within the scanned value or response
* Handling encrypted barcodes
* Custom A/B compare to indicate matches
* Custom configurations are hosted for you

You can write the script or we can write it for you. An important benefit is the script is hosted on our server, so you don’t need your own server to enable custom validations.

Aug 30 2018

Potential Issues with Recent Internet Explorer Updates – RESOLVED

Internet Explorer updates have caused some pages of our website to not present properly (or at all). We will update our web site accordingly. In the meantime, please use another browser, e. g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

Aug 4 2018

A/B Compare can now work offline and with custom configurations

Using A/B Compare to compare the first barcode scanned (A) with the second barcode scanned (B) can now also work offline and include custom configurations with our Custom On-Device Validation feature.  If you need to compare many ‘A’ barcodes against many ‘B” barcodes please ask about our new batch scanning mode.

July 19 2018

Encrypted QR Codes Decrypted In-App

An encrypted QR code (or barcode) can now be decrypted in-app by the codeREADr – the enterprise barcode scanning app – to show authorized app users decrypted content and for administrators to view reports with decrypted content. Whereas when a consumer barcode or QR code scanning app reads the same QR code the content will be encrypted. Encryption is particularly useful when IDs, badges, or other electronic or printed media could expose personally identifiable information not allowed under GDPR and similar privacy regulations.

June 20 2018

Scan Barcode then Print

Scan an item’s UPC/EAN barcode or SKU barcode to print the item price, description and even a new barcode. Scan a coupon barcode or voucher barcode to validate, and then print a receipt for reconciliation. Scan a movie or theatre ticket to validate and then print a receipt with seat number or for reconciliation.

May 14 2018

New, Advanced Barcode Scanning Technology

Barcode scanning with a smartphone’s camera can now better target the correct barcode with Framing, Targeting and Smart Scan rule-based technology.

April 4 2018

Integration with Zapier API Connector

Connect the codeREADr app and web services with 1000’s of apps integrated with Zapier’s API Connector.

Feb 28 2018

New security measure for Postback URL and Direct Scan to URL.

We now list the three (3) server IP addresses on your Account’s API page. You can whitelist those addresses and restrict posts to your server from unknown addresses.

Jan 31 2018

Scan directly from the app to your server (DSU) – now with Auto Sync

With our Direct Scan to URL (DSU) feature, you can now also post your validation database to the app and Auto Sync scan results to your server (cloud or local). This enables instant scan results without any Internet latency. For iOS devices, you can also directly update the on-device database at whatever interval you choose. [Direct download and update to be available on Android Q1/Q2 2018.] Both the posting and downloading process are done in the background so the app user is not interrupted. This feature update is available with the standard codeREADr app and with full White Label versions.

Dec 6 2017

Schedule filtered scan records to be FTP/SFTP uploaded to your server, to Dropbox or emailed to clients, employees, management, etc.

With our “Tasks” toolset you can filter your scan records and email select records based on the recipient’s need to know. The scan records can be scheduled for automatic distribution minutely, hourly, daily or weekly.

Nov 8 2017

Updates to the iOS app

With our New Photo Collect feature you can now view FTP-uploaded images on the app’s History screen. That could be done with Dropbox-uploaded images but with FTP we had to overcome challenges inherent to using FTP with iOS devices.  We also improved performance with iOS 11.0, including significantly enhanced resolution.

Oct 30 2017

Update to Proof-of-Presence with NFC

We can now capture the NFC tag’s UID even when the tag has other data written on it. Ideal for tracking the presence of employees, subcontractors, and assets. Also see recent blog article on NFC.

Oct 25 2017

Timestamps sync with Location

We now offer a Location option which automatically adjusts your Timestamps for Standard Time, Daylight Savings, etc.

Oct 4 2017

VCARD parsing with Barcode Scanner

You can scan a barcode containing a VCARD on a badge and parse the results into separate columns for automatically or manually exporting to Excel, Google Sheets or other third party services. See Export Templates for details.

Sept 5, 2017

New Photo Collect option for Dropbox and FTP

Your app users can upload to Dropbox without needing credentials.  New option to upload directly to your own server via FTP.  Now also choose photo quality by height or width and by compression.

Aug 20, 2017

New feature: Smart Scan

You can define rules to auto-capture specific barcodes in the camera view.  This can make the scanning process faster and reduce data collection errors.

Aug 11, 2017

Auto Sync increased to 50,000 values

You can now use our very popular Auto Sync feature for validation databases up to 50,000 values. For larger databases please contact our support team for approval.

July 18, 2017

New Feature: Custom Offline Validation

With this feature you can write scripts for validating scans based on the barcode value, response text and the app-users answers to in-app prompts.

June 23, 2017

Schedule scan record exports and web previews filtered by last hour, last day, last week, etc.

For managing your scan records you can now filter exports limited to the last hour, day, week, etc.  This filter is especially valuable when auto-inserting scan records into cloud databases. It’s also available when scheduling FTP/SFTP and emailed exports.

May 21, 2017

Share password-protected scan records with web previews

With our password-protected, shareable web portal for viewing filtered scan records, you can now click a link to see in Google Maps where the barcode was scanned. You can also view the scan record’s associated photo and signatures within the table.

April 11, 2017

Auto-export specially filtered scan records

Automate the downloading and exporting of filtered and sorted scan records. Now filter by a) time/date range for last hour, last day, last week, etc.; b) just most recent scan for each value; and c) by the answers app users have submitted.

March 30, 2017

Scan IATA boarding passes

Scan boarding passes with PDF-417, Aztec and other barcode languages. Parse the scanned data to track and validate by passenger and ticket ID.

Jan 28, 2017

Auto-repeat session info

New ‘Shared Answers‘ feature for session info can be saved and submitted with a series of scans without requiring any re-entry. App users can change the session info as needed for a subsequent series of scans.

Dec 16, 2016

Schedule Exports via FTP/SFTP, Email and Dropbox

We added scheduled FTP/SFTP uploads of scan records for enterprise clients. We also enabled scheduled exports via Email and Dropbox.  Beta now, general availability mid-February 2017.

Nov 28, 2016

List only last scanned values

Filter, view, share and export a list of scan records showing only the last values scanned. Great to showing last (or current) location of assets or employees/subcontractors. Export and sort by timestamp scanned to help schedule audits or to find assets missed in the last (or current) audit.

Nov 17, 2016

Scan-in, scan-out and track capacity

Scan a valid ticket into an event turns it into an invalid ticket. Scanning the ticket out turns it into a valid ticket again. Scanning it on re-entry turns it invalid again. Repeat as needed. Option: capture photo’s of the attendee for visual verification on re-entry.

Nov 08, 2016

Issuing wristbands

Tap a wristband’s RFID/NFC tag and then scan the ticket or ID’s barcode to associate them together within a single scan record.

Oct 15, 2016

Use SD Card to store content

Store content on Android device’s SD Card for offline access. The app user scans the barcode and is presented with the option to open content specifically associated to that barcode.

Sep 10, 2016

Clickable link for GPS coordinates, photos, and signatures

Scan records viewed and shared using the CSV Download Link web portal now includes a clickable link for GPS coordinates, photos, and signatures which you can selectively filter and share with employees, clients and subcontractors.

Aug 20, 2016

Kiosk and locked modes

Now for iOS and Android: password-protected Kiosk and Locked Modes. They are ideal for a) unattended use of the app; and, b) for limiting app users to scanning and manual entry (option).

Aug 05, 2016


The price for our world-class SD PRO scan engine has dropped from $10.00 to only $5.00 per device effective June 1, 2016.  Why? Our volume has dramatically increased and consequently our cost to license barcode scanning IP (patents) has dropped accordingly. We are happy to pass on those savings to you.

July 05, 2016

Signature Capture

Signature Capture is now a standard option included in the barcode scanner app workflow.

Jun 13, 2016

Google Maps

Share Google Maps view of GPS scan locations in our CSV Download Link’s web portal.

May 31, 2016

Inventory and Asset Audits

Audit Inventory and Assets: Scans records can be auto-inserted to Excel, Google Sheets and other database services that can download CSV files from a URL.

Apr 21, 2016

A/B Compare

Mar 17, 2016

Multi-Function Barcode and NFC Tag Reading

Launched Multi-Function Barcode and NFC tag reading technology.

Feb 19, 2016

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode has been released for iOS devices.

Jan 29, 2016

Honeywell Captuvo Integration

The codeREADr app is now integrated with Honeywell’s Captuvo series enterprise-ready barcode scanning sleds for iOS devices.

Dec 18, 2015

Kiosk Mode Beta

Unattended Kiosk Mode is now in beta testing. Look for the formal launch in early 2016.

Nov 20, 2015

Auto Sync

The Auto Sync option can now be used for any record-only services and for validation services with up to 20,000 database values.

Oct 21, 2015

Intuit Quickbase Webinar

Webinar – using codeREADr with Intuit’s QuickBase.

Oct 09, 2015

Conditional Validations

We added conditional settings to our standard validations (Valid, Invalid, Duplicate) such as setting min/max counts based on duration and start/end periods and day ranges.

Aug 05, 2015

Chromebook App

We published a codeREADr Chromebook app on the Chrome Web Store.

Jul 09, 2015

Selective Scanning

Now re-size the effective decoding frame to selectively scan a targeted barcode.

Jun 17, 2015

New Photo Capture Option

New photo-capture option: force app-users to take a new photo, not select from the device’s photo gallery.

May 19, 2015

Insert Scans into Third Party Database

Now insert scan records directly to cloud-based databases hosted by third-parties (e.g. QuickBase by Intuit).

Apr 22, 2015

Targeted Scans

Now both iOS and Android app users can re-size the scan window to better target specific barcodes in the camera view.

Mar 17 2015

The new database lookup feature in the app adds advanced search options for “what is done” and “what is left to do”.

Feb 17 2015

Easily share filtered scan records with authorized users for online preview and download.