Secure barcode scanning, validation, and data capture.

Secure Transmission

When data travels from your mobile device to codeREADr’s servers it is securely encrypted via SSL/TLS. This means that all of the data within your scans, such as service type, user, device and location, are encrypted with the industry standard protocol. The User Interface Login and the Developer APIs also encrypt transmissions with SSL/TLS.

Secure Communication in Barcode Scanning
Secure Communication in Barcode Scanning

IP Filtering

Define specific IP (Internet Protocol) address ranges which may call your account APIs. This provides an additional level of security to define which servers may access your account data.

Validate Scans Online

There are no third party tracking APIs installed within the codeREADr mobile application. All login and registration data is stored securely on codeREADr’s servers and scan data can optionally be stored on your own server.

Secure Communication in Barcode Scanning