Developer API for Remote Configuration and Data Retrieval

Branding APIs for Barcode Scanning

Developer API

You can easily integrate CodeREADr with your existing business. We offer an extensive API which includes functions such as:

  • Scans Retrieve
  • Service Management
  • User Management
  • Device Management
  • Database Management
  • Barcode Generation
  • Data Collection Forms
Webhooks to your Server CodeREADr

Forward Scan Data to your Server

We can immediately forward scan records to your server. You can control the status of every scan and the response in the barcode scanner in real-time. Our servers will process the request and response so that you can export the data at a later time or use it in other cloud based applications. Learn more about Postback URL.

Branding APIs for Barcode Scanning

Scan Directly to your URL

By configuring a “Direct Scan URL (DSU)” all scan records are instantly posted to your server directly from the barcode scanner. No scan records are sent to our servers however you still retain administrative control of your users, workflow and devices from our cloud based interface. This is ideal for use cases with data regulations that do not allow data to pass through a third party or when scanning within a local network (LAN) behind a firewall. Learn more about configuring a Direct Scan URL