Inventory Audit App

Customize the workflow of the barcode scanner app to track inventory counts and conditions

Digitally track inventory status – anywhere, and anytime. Reduce errors with barcode scanning and simple user interface for capturing the quantity and associated data. Assign staff locally or globally, with minimal capital expense.

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track inventory onsite, remotely and globally

Track inventory on-site, globally, and remotely.

Customize the application to capture the right data. On-site or off-site, you don’t need to be there. Simply issue app-user credentials to assign employees, subcontractors, and customers to scan for you.

Learn more about issuing unique app credentials

track unlimited inventory

Track unlimited items and locations simultaneously.

Year-end audits just became far less disruptive. You can simultaneously take inventory at all your facilities globally in real time. Need to scan a million items? No problem – we’re that fast.

collect additional data through voice and text

Collect associated data – text or voice, drop-down menus, and photos.

Enter a quantity. Take a photo. Add comments with voice or text.

Create custom questions. Make it easy for your app users to get the data you need.

Learn more about inventory scan data collection

track inventory online and offline

Track online in real time or offline with Auto Sync in the background.

Viewing scans on a web portal in real time is awesome. However, internet may not always be available when scanning.

In that event, Auto Sync is the answer. Instant scanning with no latency and synced in the cloud in the background.

Learn more about Auto Sync

 Assign your app users at any location

Create workflows and authorize your app users to scan.

Create one auditing event or hundreds of events. Then, assign your app users at any location. It’s easy to do with our web service in just a couple of clicks.

Learn more about issuing inventory auditors unique app credentials

Dual Function Barcodes

Dual-function and multi-function barcodes.

Scan the barcodes already on your items or generate your own barcodes. Alternatively, save money and space by combining multiple labels into a single label.

Learn more about dual function barcodes

Audit shipping, receiving, and transferring of inventory to and from any location

Track Packages Remotely

With CodeREADr your can track inventory transferred to different locations on-site and off-site.

What’s particularly helpful is the ability to track inventory at temporary or remote locations, even without Internet connectivity.

Compare list of barcodes for validation

A/B Compare to validate movement of inventory.

Compare a list’s barcode with an item’s barcode – the app user sees Valid if they match and Invalid if not.

Learn more about inventory pick lists

Photo capture for verification and evidence

Photos for formal records and evidence.

Optionally, your app users can take an item’s photo as evidence within a formal scan record. Consequently, they can document conditions, such as damaged items or packaging.

Learn more about photo as scan record

Record GPS, timestamps and ID

Record GPS location, capture method, timestamp, device ID, and user ID.

Essential documentation when auditing remote locations, especially when your authorized app users are reps or customers.

Learn more about GPS tracking scans

Use your own smartphone and tablet

Employees, reps and customers can use their own smartphones and tablets

App users can deploy with their own iOS and Android devices – all they need to do is download the app.

Fastest Barcode Scanning App

Fastest UPC, serial number and 2D barcode scanner in the industry.

There’s no need to re-label your inventory. Optimize scanning for 50+ barcode type using the device’s built-in camera.

Still not good enough for all your scanning needs? No problem – you can use scanning accessories too.

Watch how fast the inventory audit barcode scanner app works

Integrate database with API

Post scans to your server or to third-party databases, directly or with our API.

Automate the integration to your own databases in the cloud. Also, you can use a LAN behind your firewall. Alternatively, you can simply download to Excel, Access, etc.

Learn more about out API

A Barcode Scanner With Device Flexibility

Use the tool needed for the task.

Your app users can use their own devices or you can buy new or refurbished ones to distribute. Need ‘rugged’ devices? In fact, we can recommend some. Need ‘point and shoot’ scanning with handle grips? Likewise, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Learn more about different barcode scanning devices.

White Label Your Inventory Audit App

Third party auditors can white label as their own inventory auditing app.

Add your logo for free or pay a set-up fee to white label the app and have your own store listings and your icons on your app user’s devices.

Learn more about branding the inventory audit app