April 29, 2014 10 min read

Integrating NFC Technology for Accurate Employee Monitoring

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Harness the Power of NFC for Reliable Employee Location Tracking

Are you seeking a dependable method to verify an employee’s presence at a particular site? Wondering whether they actually inspected that crucial door, fire extinguisher, or thermostat? Concerned about the security of high-value assets? The solution lies in a powerful location tracking app, like CodeREADr, which utilizes advanced NFC technology to ensure accurate employee and subcontractor location monitoring. While GPS is a popular choice for continuous and on-site location tracking, NFC apps offer a more power-efficient and less intrusive alternative.

Revolutionize Presence Verification with NFC Tags and Unique Tag Identifiers (TIDs)

Move beyond traditional GPS with the innovative use of NFC tags, each embedded with a unique, unmodifiable tag identifier (TID). NFC apps surpass barcode-based systems in security, as they prevent copying and offer superior presence certainty. CodeREADr’s app reads and validates these TIDs against a secure database, recording essential details like the TID, date, time, and method of capture (NFC read, barcode scan, etc.), alongside other collected data.

Effortless Deployment of Your NFC App for Enhanced Asset and Employee Tracking

Easily acquire standard or rugged NFC tags in various forms, including decals, labels, and windshield mounts, from numerous suppliers. Customize these tags with text, logos, and even additional barcodes. Remember to request a CSV file of the TIDs during ordering, and avoid having data written on the tags, as it can interfere with TID reading. For specialized data-writing needs on tags, contact us for expert guidance.

Simple Setup Instructions for Your NFC App:

  1. Visit the CodeREADr.com website.
  2. Create a ‘Validation’ service type, available as both online (real-time) and offline (on-device) options.
  3. Upload the TID file to a database and link it to your server.
  4. Explore our best practice guides for effective asset tracking and management.

The CodeREADr app supports iOS, and Android OS, NFC tag reading is currently available to both our Android and iOS apps, however not all devices may be able to make use of the features. Please review NFC capabilities of devices before use.

Optimize your employee and asset tracking with our state-of-the-art NFC app, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in validating presence and monitoring locations.