The Smarter Barcode Scanner App.

What We Do

Configure the barcode scanner app to scan barcodes, collect data and sync it to the cloud. Use the web based control panel to organize, analyze and export your scan data, manage users and barcode scanning devices.

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Post Scans Anywhere

Scan Data Portability

Sync barcode scan data to our server, your server or your local database.

Device Flexability

Scanning Device Flexibility

Scan barcodes with smartphones, tablets, sleds, rugged devices or scanning accessories.

Fastest Barcode Scanner In The Industry

Fastest Barcode Scanner

Watch how fast we can scan barcodes with the mobile device’s built-in camera.

Barcode Scanner App

Quick. Accurate. Flexible.

Rapidly Scan Virtually Any Barcoded Data

Quickly and accurately decode barcodes with the device’s camera or pair a bluetooth scanning accessory.

Custom App Branding

Add your logo to the barcode scanner app or license your own branded version of the app.

Work Offline With Auto-Sync

If online connectivity becomes unstable, scans are saved on-device and synced later.

User Experience In-App Screenshots
Validate Data in Real Time

Validate your barcode scans against a database of items and create special workflows.

Collect Data Using The Form Builder

 Ask multiple choice, drop-down or short answer questions with each scan.

Photo Capture and GPS Enabled

Take pictures with the barcode scanner app as part of a workflow. Also, collect location data with each scan.

Online Barcode System

Collect. Manage. Analyze.

Database Management

Import, sync and edit databases in the cloud.

Service Management

Setup custom workflows for your barcode scanning and data collection services.

Customize Your Data Collection Forms

Create custom forms and workflows to collect data with every scan.

User Experience Online Demo
Manager User Permissions and Access Areas

Specify permissions for every user and their access to services and databases. Get detailed reports on a user.

Scan Knowing Your Scans are Secure

 All communication is encrypted to and from the mobile device.

Barcode API

 Full control of scanning devices, users, and data with API integration.

Our Customers Are… 

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Businesses provide our barcode scanner app to their employees and contractors in order to improve operations and solve business problems.

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 Public and private sector institutions utilize barcode scanning for security, attendance, access control, asset tracking and more.

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Service Providers

Businesses integrate their services with our API’s and provide our barcode reader app to their clients as part of a their own solution.