Picking, Delivery, and Receiving App

Use CodeREADr to ensure the right items go to the right place.

Manufacturers and shipping fulfillment centers use CodeREADr to process thousands of work orders every day. The app can be configured to rapidly scan and verify product codes against a work order.

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Barcode Scanning Accessories

Use smartphones, tablets, or barcode scanning accessories.

The picking, delivery, and receiving can scan barcodes from the iOS or Android device’s built-in camera. However, sometimes, ‘point and shoot’ scanning is preferred so the app will also support USB, Bluetooth scanners, scanning sleds, and mobile computers.

Learn more about different barcode scanning devices.

Barcode Scanning Accessories

Match barcodes with A/B Compare.

Our A/B Compare feature allows your app users to match two barcodes when scanned sequentially. First, the user scans the barcode on a list. Secondly, the user can scan the barcode on the target item to validate the match. If they match, the app user can be optionally prompted to collect associated data to be included in that formal scan record.

Learn more about barcode matching.

Accurate Kitting is Critical

We provie custom scripts for validating kits individually and in batches, both when internet connectivity is available or not. The key features include:


Tracking the required quantity of each item in a kit, then alerting the app-user if they’ve exceeded the required quantity.


Alerting the app-user when every required item in the kit has been scanned.


Showing the current status anytime the app-user scans an item.

Done Notification

Alerting the app-user when the total number of kits has been met.

Customize tasks and issue unique credentials

Customize tasks and issue unique app credentials.

Use our web service or API to create one task or hundreds of tasks, each with a specific objective in mind. Assign those tasks to the right app users, including custom workflows, data collection prompts, and associated databases.

Learn more about unique app credentials

Customizable Data Collection

Collect data with text/voice, drop-downs, photos and additional barcode scans.

Good picking and packing software like ours will instruct the app users what to look for and have them enter asset-specific data after each scan. Also, our picking and packing app can enable users to document issues with photo evidence using the device’s camera.

Learn more about scanned asset data collection

Audit shipping, picking, packing, and transferring of inventory to and from any location

Track Packages Remotely

With CodeREADr your can track inventory transferred to different locations on-site and off-site. What’s particularly helpful is the ability to track inventory at temporary or remote locations, even without Internet connectivity. Need a custom flow? There are published Custom On-Device Validation (COV) scripts to use as well as instructions to create your own.

Fastest Assest Tracking App

Fastest UPC, SKU, 1D and 2D barcode scanner in the industry.

The picking and packing app is a barcode scanner that can quickly scan 50+ barcode types with the built-in camera of a mobile device. Also, it supports barcode scanning accessories, such as a bluetooth barcode scanner. Our customers can often scan the barcodes already on their products, fixed assets, or pallets without needing to re-tag them.

See how fast the barcode scanner app works

Scan hundreds of barcodes in seconds

Within a single camera view, the app will read up to 100 barcodes in several seconds. There is no need to scan multiple times. Options include specifying the number of unique barcodes to be found before the user is able to submit and requiring the user to confirm their selection.

Integrate database with API

Post scans to our server or yours. Post to cloud databases or integrate with your back-end.

Store, filter, view, export, and share your scan records on our server. Also, retrieve with our API or post scans directly to your cloud-based or local servers.

Learn more about our webhooks and API

White Label Asset Tracking App

White label option as your own pick and pack app.

By default, our customers can display their logo to the picking and packing app. White label options are available for custom app store listings and icons.

Learn more about branding the app

Verification through photo capture

Photo capture, photo provisioning and visual verification.

The picking and packing app can show users a picture of the asset after each scan. No picture available? Then, have them take one on-site to store in the cloud.

Learn more about photo verifications

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