Scan & validate barcodes on your device without internet access.

Record Scans On-Device

Save scans directly to your device when network connectivity is unavailable.

Scan barcodes offline with codeREADr
Validate Scans on Device

Validate Scans On-Device

If you need to validate your scans against a database, download the associated database to your device before scanning. Scan results are instantly validated against the downloaded database and saved locally.

Auto-Sync On-Device Scans To Server

Instantly record or validate scans on-device without network latency. With Auto Sync your scans will be uploaded and the latest databases downloaded – all done in the background, without interrupting the app user.

Auto-Sync barcode scans to server
Scan barcodes offline with codeREADr

Validate Using Scan Mask

Create a validation pattern to validate barcode scans without a database to compare values to. To learn more visit our knowledge base.