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Configure CodeREADr as the ticket scanner for your event or venue.

Over 80 electronic ticketing companies globally already use us for event access control. Whether it’s a training session for twenty people or a concert for 65,000 arriving in just 2-hours, our cloud based ticket validation infrastructure and specialized mobile application can handle your audience and business requirements.

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Fastest barcode ticket scanner in the industry.

Speed + Accuracy + Versatility. Read barcodes in fractions of a second, including small, dense, damaged, partially obscured and poorly printed barcodes – even at extreme angles.

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Fastest Barcode Scanning App in the Industry

Real-time ticket validation in the cloud.

Completely eliminate fake and duplicate tickets. Real-time integration quickly validates IDs in the cloud, generally in under a second.   Internet unstable? Use our on-device (offline) database option with Auto Sync in the background.

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Validate Ticket Scan in the Cloud

Instant on-device ticket validation with background auto-sync.

This extraordinary technology uploads scans and syncs databases across all devices totally in the background. The ticket is instantly validated against an on-device database and the app user doesn’t need to manually upload scans or download databases.

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background auto-sync with instant validation

Scan any barcode on a ticket or NFC wristband.

Electronic tickets, printed tickets, print-at-home tickets, ID cards – we’ve got you covered. Our ticket scanning app can read 50+ barcode types, NFC wristbands and cards, magnetic stripe cards – plus manual keyboard entry and a guest list search feature.

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RFID Wristband Compatible

Use smartphones, rugged sleds or barcode scanning accessories.

Scan with your smartphone or tablet’s built-in camera. Need point and shoot? Use USB and Bluetooth scanners, scanning sleds or Android mobile computers.

Learn more about different barcode scanning devices.

Device Flexibility

Photo capture and photo verification.

Need extra security? Simply enable your app users to view an attendee’s photo after each scan. Even capture the photo on-site at the event.

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verify and capture photo for security

Ticket Scanning App with Conditional Ticket Validation using Time, Count and Duration or Days

Ticket Validation Based on Date and Time
Ticket Validation by Count
Ticket Validation by Duration
Ticket Validation by Days

Date & Time




Manage countless events each with unique app credentials.

Authorize app users to immediately scan tickets for every event you create. Deploy for one event or simultaneously for 1000s of unique events and unique app users  around the world.

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manage events with app

Provisioning Wristbands. (Barcode or NFC)

Scan the barcode on a wristband or RFID/NFC tag and then scan the attendee’s ticket to connect in your database and instantly create a new validation database right on-site.

Scan Provisioning Wristbands

Event organizers can use their own smartphones and tablets.

Provide devices to venues and event organizers or let them use their own.

use own smartphones and tablets

Integrate your event ticketing system with our API.

Post scans to our servers or  yours. Use our API to automate event creation, app users, databases and retrieve scan records.

Learn more about our API in order to integrate

integrate scans to your own server

Controlled re-entry: scan-in and scan-out.

Control access to the event, exiting the event and re-entry to the event. Even use photo verification for re-entry from photos taken on-site.

Learn more about access control features

verify re-entry for ticket scanning app

White label ticket scanner app.

Brand the ticket scanner app with your logo. To your clients, you are the service provider and we are the ‘code reader’.  Need your own app? Upgrade to a white-label version with your own app store listing and app icons.

Learn more about how you can brand the ticket scanner.

White label barcode scanning app