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Schools and businesses create attendance tracking services to check-in, check-out, and control access with smartphones and tablets.

On-site or remotely track presence, track duration, and validate access.

Need more? Track PROOF OF PRESENCE and control access based on predefined conditions.

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Track attendance at classes and meetings

Track attendance and control access to meetings, classes, and events – online or offline.

Since we don’t require a fixed hardware, businesses and schools can track attendance anywhere at any time.

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Auto-sync recording to cloud

Instant offline recording of attendance with auto-sync to cloud in background.

Track and validate in real-time or offline with auto-sync. With auto sync, scans are instantly recorded and auto-uploaded to the cloud. Also, manual upload is not required.

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Set Limited Access

Limit access based on time, count, and duration.

Limit access to certain days or hours, or to a defined number of scans. Also, from the first scan for a defined duration. Need more? Just ask.

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Manual Voice-to-Text Comments

Collect data – text, voice, drop-down menus, scans, and photos.

After each scan, you can prompt your app users to collect more information. Also, you can add contact info, survey, or comments.

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Track unlimited locations and events simultaneously by issuing unique app credentials.

Track unlimited locations and events simultaneously

Authorize your app users to scan IDs for one location. Utilize attendance tracking with CodeREADr and scan simultaneously for 100s of locations globally, each with unique app usernames.

NFC Check-in

Capture proof of presence with NFC.

Using timestamp collection, capture method (barcode, NFC, lookup, manual entry, etc.), and GPS location, the app user can verify the attendee against a stored photo. Also, using NFC, you can verify the authenticity of the credential.

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Check-in and Out of Classes

Track duration: check-in and check-out.

Basic access control is simple: a credential is valid, invalid or an invalid duplicate (optional). Also, you can configure scans as valid only between certain times or days of the week, valid for a specific number of scans, or valid from the first scan for a specific duration. In addition, custom validation is possible.

A Barcode Scanner With Device Flexibility

Use smartphones and tablets or barcode scanning accessories.

Device flexibility: iOS and Android devices (camera scanning) with optional battery packs; iOS and Android devices attached to barcode scanning sleds; rugged scanning devices running Android OS; Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs with USB or Bluetooth scanning accessories.

Learn more about different barcode scanning devices.

Use your own smartphone and tablet

Administrators can use their own smartphones and tablets.

Your app users can use their own devices. In addition, you can rent or buy new or refurbished ones and provision them as needed.

Kiosk Mode for Unattended Use

Kiosk mode scanning

Set up iOS or Android tablets mounted in stands with the app using the front camera. You can scan IDs without needing an administrator to scan or collect associated data.

Fastest Barcode Attendance Tracking App

Fastest attendance barcode scanning app.

It doesn’t matter what type of barcode your IDs have. Our app reads 50 types of barcodes within fractions of a second using the device’s built-in, rear-facing camera. Alternatively, you can use ‘point-and-shoot’ barcode scanning accessories for scanning at a distance.

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Verification through photo capture

Photo capture, photo provisioning, and visual verification.

Whether for security or visual verification, your app users can view the person’s photo after each scan. Don’t have their photo? No problem. Instead, use the app to take their photo.

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Integrate database with API

Integrate with third party databases and back-end systems with APIs.

Send scans records to our servers, your servers or to third-party databases using our APIs.  Likewise, integrate our APIs to create and edit your services, app users, databases, generate barcodes, and retrieve filtered scan records.

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White Label your attendance tracking app

White label option as your own attendance tracking app.

Basic app-branding is free. However, if you are a service provider, you can upgrade to our white label version and have your own app store listings and app icons. Then, all you need to do is issue app credentials.

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Issue credentials to view, share, and download filtered scan records

Download Scan Records

To enhance attendance tracking, automate the sharing of scan records for viewing and editing by authorized app users and multiple stakeholders.