Mystery Shopper App 

Your teams audit prices and merchandising conditions on-site at retail locations globally

Easily create and assign tasks to employees or subcontractors based on the data you need to collect for internal use or for the retailers and brands you represent.

Your authorized app users simply sign into the app, scan the item’s UPC barcode and follow the workflow for data collection you’ve already created for them in the cloud.

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Instant online or offline price verification

Your app users scan the UPC barcode and instantly see the price, description and associated instructions based on the UPC scanned.

instant price verification app

Manage countless audit locations and shoppers by issuing unique app credentials

Audit anywhere, anytime. Assign one or more auditing task to an unlimited number employees or subcontractors simply by issuing them unique app usernames. The task is predefined for them, minimizing support and data collection errors.

manage countless locations with unique app credentials

Shoppers can use their own smartphones and tablets

You can provision devices for every audit but that can be a significant capital expense and a logistics nightmare. Instead, simply have your auditors download your branded or white-labeled app and start scanning with their own iOS and Android devices.

use own smartphones and tablets

Flexible data collection – text or voice, multiple-choice, drop-down menu, photos

You can tell the auditor what to look for and have them enter item-specific data and photos after each scan. This data becomes a formal scan record with timestamps, GPS location and other properties.

customized data collection app

Customize data collection by audit or location

Each audit can be unique by location, brand or retailer.  Tasks can vary by item category and even drill down to item-specific detail.

customize data collection

Capture photos of wrong prices and placements

Photos provide visual evidence in your formal scan records. In some cases, they are necessary as proof of the results of an audit.

take photos as visual evidence

Shoppers can view, share and download their audit data CSV

Audit Data CSV

You can enable your auditors to view and download their scan records from a web portal accessed with the unique app username you issued for the audit.

Each record will include all collected data. Once downloaded they can review, add and edit the data they collected and submit the updated report directly to you.

Fastest UPC barcode scanner in the industry

Fast scanning is a top priority, especially when 100s or even 1000s of items need to be audited.

Fastest Barcode Scanning App

When offline, auto-sync to cloud in background

No Internet in-store? No problem. Your app users can scan offline and later manually upload their scans or they can be auto-uploaded in the background.

auto-sync to cloud offline

Integrate with your audit system and third party database with API’s

Create your audit workflow with our API and create services, app users, databases and retrieve scan records.  You can also post scan records directly to your own servers.

integrate with API

Use smartphones, tablets or barcode scanning accessories

Most auditors will use their own smartphones but you can optionally provision them with new or refurbished ones, with or without cases and battery packs. You can even provision ‘point-and-shoot’ scanning accessories when necessary for certain locations.

compatible with smartphones, tablets, barcode scanning accesories

White label as your own mystery shopper app

Many service providers white label the app to have their own app store listing and app icons on their auditor’s devices.

White Label App Icon