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We provide smart, mobile barcode scanning apps with our no-code/low-code SaaS platform. Clients globally configure their workflows in the cloud and then sync those services to the devices of their authorized users.

Our Story

The CodeREADr platform started in 2008 as a mobile ticketing project for AT&T, enabling them to invite their largest clients to exclusive concerts. We developed a barcode generator to send electronic tickets to the attendees and a barcode scanner app to validate the digital tickets upon entry. At the time we were using AT&T’s recently launched 3G network and their newest smartphone devices as wireless barcode scanners.

The project was a huge success.

To put this in perspective, BlackBerry smartphones with tiny screens and keyboards dominated the smartphone market. Apple had just launched the iPhone, Android OS was not released. Nonetheless, we envisioned a great future for smartphones and tablets to be used for enterprise applications.

Over the next few years, we expanded our core technology to allow clients to easily configure the CodeREADr app for event access control, asset tracking, inventory control, shipping & receiving, attendance, facility management, security tracking, and many other use cases. Configurations are done on the CodeREADr website based on the SaaS platform concept of no-code/low-code so clients can complete the process – from 10’s of minutes for simple configurations to 10’s of hours for the most complex.

Critical to our long-term strategy was building a platform that didn’t run solely on consumer devices. Instead, we enabled the app to also work with purpose-built mobile computers, scanning sleds, and USB/Bluetooth scanning accessories.

That proved to be a major value to our clients because purpose-built devices provide essential characteristics needed in the enterprise world. With our platform, they can choose the devices best suited for the task. In many cases that’s a combination of both consumer and purpose-built devices, all running the same CodeREADr app.

We are now in a position to both improve enterprise productivity and lower costs for our customers with AIDC in the cloud. Innovation has been key to our success and we continue to add features to support our loyal customers who rely on us for their mission-critical business processes.

Our Vision

At CodeREADr, our vision is to be at the forefront of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) in the cloud, integrating a diverse range of online services and barcode reading applications. We aim to democratize access to smart, mobile barcode scanning apps through our intuitive web application, allowing businesses globally to configure and deploy data capture solutions swiftly and efficiently. Our long-term vision sees us expanding beyond current technologies to provide cloud-based data capture, validation, and workflow solutions for any internet-connected sensor, effectively transforming the landscape of IoT. By sharing development and hosting costs across our vast client base, we envision delivering affordable, flexible, and innovative enterprise solutions that cater to diverse industry verticals.

Mission Statement

Our mission at CodeREADr is to drive enterprise productivity to new heights by leveraging innovative mobile applications and integrated web services. We strive to offer a SaaS platform that allows clients to quickly configure and globally deploy smart barcode scanning mobile apps, effectively enabling the capture, collection, and connection of valuable data. We are committed to continuously investing in sophisticated technologies that bring about transformative change across diverse industry verticals. Our dedication extends to the enhancement of three core capabilities – data capture, collection, and connection – ensuring we deliver unparalleled solutions that meet and exceed our client’s requirements.

Working @ CodeREADr

Our success depends on the talent and commitment of our employees and a diverse team of technical professionals. Email us your resume.

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