Validate Barcode Scans in Real-Time

Validate scans on our server or your server.

You can validate barcode scans on our server by uploading your database in CSV format or by having your server add records to our database using the API. Validating scans can also be done on your server using the scan postback API or Direct Scan Url or “DSU” . You can receive scan records securely over the internet or you can receive scans over a local area network with the direct scan url option.

Validating Scans on Our Server or Your Server
Validating Scans Locally

Scans can be validated locally on your device.

Instantly validate scans against a downloaded database on the device. Use this option for the fastest scan validation or when users don’t have access to an internet connection. Sync manually or use auto-sync to automatically upload the scan records and the database from the device to the server.

Quickly detect and reject invalid or duplicate scans.

Quickly allow or reject duplicate scans from being considered valid as part of your workflow. We store duplicate scan record attempts and so later you can analyze or filter them accordingly with your valid scan records.

Detect and Reject Invalid or Duplicate Scans
Apply Pattern Validation

Validate scans with pattern matching using a regular expression.

Pattern Validation works both online and locally on a device with or without a validation database present. In some cases, you want to validate specific barcode scans as valid which match a pattern only known to you.

Validate barcode scans by count, time, date, day of the week, or duration.

Limit valid scans to a specific count per barcode value or for a specified duration. Limit the number of valid scans based on time, date, or the day of the week. Any scans outside of your conditional validation parameters will respond as invalid. This prevents duplicate scans or fraudulent barcodes from being permitted.