Emergency Aid Tracking App

Track emergency relief assets and supplies, improving efficiency and accountability for government agencies and relief organizations.

Humanitarian organizations and government entities use CodeREADr to instantly enable the tracking of emergency aid supplies and assets anywhere in the world using smartphones and tablets. In a typical deployment, the team of emergency workers, authorized first responders and volunteers can track the distribution of food, medicine, services and non-perishable items using their own mobile devices as barcode scanners. The resulting scan records give management real-time logistics information for better resource allocation and help auditors account for the money spent. Each scan record can include who the beneficiary was and what they received, along with when, where, how and why they received it. 

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Track Emergency Aid Supplies

Simultaneously enable thousands of relief workers to track every asset from every location.

Government entities and NGO’s can authorize thousands of employees, subcontractors, first responders and even volunteers to scan and track emergency supplies, services, people or assets for them simultaneously from thousands of locations using the devices they are already carrying in their pockets.

Capture GPS, timestamps and ID

With each scan record the recipient, the GPS location, a timestamp, the provider, and the supplies or services given.

Emergency aid organizations and government institutions can account for supplies and services rendered. Analysts and auditors can track who, what, when, how, and why with every scan recorded in the cloud. They also know the location of each relief worker’s scan using the GPS location.

track assets online or offline

Record data on the device when wireless internet is down, and automatically sync it later.

When wireless internet is available, management can get real-time visibility into relief workers and volunteers tasks . If internet connectivity is unavailable or unstable, relief workers can continue to work offline and auto sync their scan records later when connectivity is restored.

data collection barcode scanner

Collect data with text, voice, photos, barcode scans and signatures.

Configure CodeREADr to optionally prompt for additional data after each scan such as photos or signatures.

Learn more about data collection with photos and signatures

Easily export data to Excel, Google Sheets, and third party services.

Integrate database with API

Send data to our server in the cloud or to your own server. You can connect to third-party cloud services using our API or auto-export the data to Excel, Google Sheets, and other databases.

relief aid photo documentation

Take photos of supplies, assets, workers, volunteers, buildings, locations and even recipients.

Your relief workers can take photos of the supplies or assets to document their condition and location. If needed they could even take photos of the recipients of supplies or services.

Use your own smartphone and tablet

Relief workers and volunteers can use their own  smartphones and tablets.

Avoid the time-consuming logistics and expense of provisioning scanning devices. For instant deployment, instruct your team members to download the CodeREADr app to their own devices and give them login credentials to scan for authorized tasks.

Customize tasks and issue unique credentials

Configure multiple tasks and data collection workflows with our simple online service builder

Use the online service builder or our API to create tasks, each with a specific objective and workflow. Assign those tasks to your relief workers or volunteers giving them unique logins.

track and trace emergency aid supplies and assets

Track supplies, people or assets from origin to destination, including all transfer points.

Track the movement of supplies, donations, assets, relief workers in real-time. Export reports documenting the movement of assets from origin to destination. Comply with regulations and provide auditable paper trails for expense reporting.  Scan products, shipping containers, equipment, pallets, ID Cards, asset tags, wristbands, or NFC tags.

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