Barcode Scanner App Triggers Email and SMS Alerts

Auto-receive alerts triggered by remote barcode scanner based on the content posted within the scan record. There are two standard options. Send all scan records  All uploaded scan records are sent to a specified email address. Generally this is used when uploading bulk scan records at the end of a day, shift, etc. You [...]

Parking Permit App: Track and Validate Access with Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner App for Parking Lot Managers Barcode scanning app scans barcodes on parking permits to validate permission to park If unauthorized vehicles are a problem for your parking lots, the revenue lost can be significant. It can also lead to overcrowding. Whether it’s because of faked, copied or expired parking permits, the use of [...]

Tracking assets with smartphones and tablets

Find your tools, vehicles, keys, equipment and other assets Instantly see a web view listing all the last known locations of your assets and the responsible parties. For as little as $9.99 monthly. The tracking of assets and field service workers is one of the most popular use cases for the codeREADr app. As an administrator [...]

Barcode Scanning App Auto-Inserts Records to Excel Online with the Zapier API Connector

Send barcode scans to Excel Online >Automatically post barcode scans to pre-defined sheets through the API connector service provided by Zapier. The Players Microsoft's Excel is a tool offered within the Office ecosystem that offers a spreadsheet application considered by millions of users as the industry standard for spreadsheets. Excel Online is their cloud [...]

Remote Asset Tracking App: Top Ten Features Required for Global Audits

Now that smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the enterprise space, it has never been possible to quickly and accurately track assets globally. What tools are required for a successful asset tagging, tracking and auditing programs? Here are the Top Ten requirements: 1. Fast, accurate barcode scanning of the asset’s original barcode formats, including the barcodes [...]

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Check In Guests Faster with Barcodes

The top 10 must-have features for professional guest check-in apps. Fast access control procedures can set the entire tone of your event. Scanning barcodes instead of using simple checklists, whether paper or electronic, can dramatically speed up the process and make your company look more professional. The top 10 features include:  Check-in online or [...]

Multi-Function Barcodes Save Money, Save Space, & Improve Accuracy

Multi-Function Barcodes Multi-Function barcodes and NFC reading technology are designed to capture, parse and validate specifically targeted data embedded within a single barcode or tag. codeREADr's barcode scanning app for iOS and Android devices with an integrated, cloud-based web service helps enterprises improve asset tracking, anti-counterfeiting, product recalls, asset maintenance, inventory audits and event or facility access [...]