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NFC App for Tracking Security, Maintenance and Access

Track employees, subcontractors and assets using NFC tags For many years now the codeREADr app has been used to read and validate NFC tags for event access control. We think that use case for NFC will grow dramatically as Apple's NFC-enabled devices are increasingly used for event access control. What we're even more [...]

Barcode Scanning for Attendance App

Self-scanning for attendance tracking with barcode scanner app When capturing attendance data with codeREADr,  an administrator can hold an iOS or Android OS device to scan the IDs of the attendees. That's the most common method. In other use cases, an iOS or Android OS device can be placed in a fixed position for the attendee to [...]

Scan Barcodes to Excel

Auto-Insert Barcode Scan Records to Excel Excel is the most commonly used electronic spreadsheet program used on desktops. One of our clients recently demonstrated how he auto-inserted his codeREADr scan records into Excel and auto-refreshed the data. We've published the instructions in our Knowledgebase. What is a Scan Record Insert? With the [...]

Visualize Last Known Locations of Assets

Import Scans to Google's MyMaps When your authorized app users scan barcodes or read NFC Tags with the codeREADr app, their action creates a formal scan record stored on our server, your server or a third party's database/server. That record includes (optional *): Barcode value Name and description * App username Timestamp Answers to app-user prompts [...]

Consumer-presented QR codes for payments

QR Codes for Payments EMVCo has published a document providing a standard for the formatting, encoding, and decoding of data embedded in QR codes when used for payment purposes. In this document, the QR code 'payload' is presented at the Point of Interaction by the consumer for processing by the merchant. One-to-One [...]

Barcode Inspection

The Easy Guide to Barcode Inspection Guest Post by Marvin Magusara, GlobalVision Inc. A barcode is the most sensitive and complex part of a packaging label, yet it is also the most useful. So, Inspecting / verifying a barcode is a crucial part of the packaging quality control process. A company may use in-house [...]

Digital ID App Offers Scannable Barcodes

Digital ID card app for iOS and Android includes scannable barcode. Many plastic ID cards either do not have barcodes, or the printed barcode is hard to scan quickly and accurately. ID cards with a magnetic stripe can be swiped but swiping can be too time-consuming in volume. The best way to make an ID scannable [...]

Barcodes Track Postal Mailings

Barcodes Track Postal Mailings Creative Problem Solving with Barcode Scanning [Guest Post Michael Carner of Data Forms, Inc., a progressive, Arkansas-based provider of mail and ebill services, forms printing, pharmacy labels and supplies and ad specialities.] Data Forms Inc. operates a mailroom and we needed a way to track the processing of documents for one of [...]

Scanning IATA Bar Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP)

Barcode Scanner Parses Data on IATA Boarding Pass Scan IATA Bar Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP) What's new? The ability to check the status of passengers on terrorist or other 'watch lists' can technically be deployed globally at any embarkation point, regardless of the size of the port. With the ready availability of low-cost Android [...]

Barcode Scanner App Triggers Email and SMS Alerts

Barcode Scanner App Triggers Email and SMS Alerts Trigger email or sms alerts with a barcode scanner based on the content within the scan record Send all scan records  There are two standard options. All uploaded scan records are sent to a specified email address. Generally this is used when uploading bulk [...]