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Knowledge Base

Creating and Managing Users

Creating Users

Users (i.e. app-users) are the people authorized to sign-in to the app by the account Administrator (i.e. you). Once signed in, the specific Services they are authorized for will be downloaded to the app on their mobile device.

Create a new user
How to Add and Manage Users video

How to Create a User

  1. Click on the ‘Users’ link on the top navigation menu. Then click “Add a User”.
  2. Choose a username and password for your user.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Authorize the user for any or all of your services. (Also, you can add services to users later).
  4. [OPTIONAL] Hypothetically, the user can have unlimited mobile devices. Also, whenever the user signs in to a device, that device is “activated”. Check the “Set limit device” box to limit the user to the desired number of mobile devices
  5. Click Create
Set user name and password

Adding Users

Add users to each service to use the service. On the CodeREADr app, once you assign a user, the service will appear upon refresh. Note: that any user that is not added to this list will not be able to see this service. Instructions:

  1. Create a new service, or click ‘Edit’ on one of your existing services.
  2.  Select the ‘Users’ tab.
  3. Check the boxes next to the desired users to add them to the service. (See example below)
  4. Click ‘Save and Continue’ to save your changes.
Create a new user

Managing Users

If you’d like to add multiple users at once, you can do so with the bulk upload feature under “Manage Users.” By importing a CSV file formatted to our specifications below.

Create a new user


  • You cannot have column headings. It is here for reference only.
  • You can download your current list of Users to have a template to edit current Users and/or add more Users. Then, you can simply upload it. Also, be sure to save the file as a comma-delimited CSV file. Moreover, you can upload a file that includes only the changes you want.
  • To delete a User, you need to have ‘delete_approved’ in column 5. However, if that column is, blank the system will assume you want to keep or add that User.
  • ‘0’ under the device limit means there is no set limit.
  • ‘-1’ under the device limit means the app user has no access.
  • ‘1’ (or greater) under the device limit means the app user can sign into 1 device (or the number specified here).
  • The User ID column should be blank when you want to create a new user. Also, it should contain the actual CodeREADr User ID of the existing user to Update or Delete the user.