Creating a User

Users (i.e. app-users) are the people authorized to sign-in to the app by the account Administrator (i.e. you). Once signed in, the specific Services they are authorized for will be downloaded to the app on their mobile device.

Creating A User - codeREADr

How to Create a User:

1 Click on the ‘Users’ link on the top navigation menu. Then click “Add a User”.
2 Choose a username and password for your user.
3 [OPTIONAL] Authorize the user for any or all of your services. (This can also be done later here).
4 [OPTIONAL] Hypothetically, the user can have unlimited mobile devices, and whenever he or she logs with his or her username and password on a device, that device is is “activated”. Check the “Set limit device” box to limit the user to the desired number of mobile devices
5 Click Create

Creating A User - codeREADr

Remember that users mean nothing unless they are authorized to use a service!

Manage & Editing Users (bulk upload):

See instructions to upload users via CSV here.


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