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    RFID/NFC Labels and ID Cards

    Some IDs, badges, labels, vouchers, and asset tags don’t have barcodes printed on them. Instead, they may simply have human-readable (HR) characters or use machine-readable (MR) technologies, such as RFID and NFC. To capture HR characters, codeREADr app users can use the mobile app’s Manual Entry option. Alternatively, app users can use the app’s Lookup option with a database.

    Reading RFID/NFC UIDs and Content

    A. Reading an NFC chip’s UID and content can be accomplished with smartphones, tablets, and dedicated scanning devices.

    1. NFC-enabled Apple and Android smartphones and tablets can read NFC tags with built-in readers. We cover this in detail within this Knowle article about scanning NFC IDs.
    2. Dedicated scanning devices can also feature built-in NFC readers. For example, the Famoco line of Android devices includes NFC readers.

    B. Reading an RFID/NFC chip’s UID and content requires the use of a reading accessory.

    1. The dual-frequency Wave ID Plus from rf IDEAS is one of several rf IDEAs models that can read RFID/NFC access control and attendance ID cards. It is capable of reading most RFID/NFC cards available on the market, according to their specification. We cover this in detail within this Blog article about reading RFID/NFC IDs for attendance tracking. We tested it with smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows PCs.
    2. The HID OMNIKEY 5027 may also be a good choice. We have not tested it yet but from HID’s published specification it looks to be a viable option.
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