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Knowledge Base

Work-in-Progress: Track Every Process

What Does a Work-in-Progress App Do?

CodeREADr configured as a work-in-progress app will track time, quality, and quantity by work order, task, worker, and location. We call this configuration “Table Builder”.

FAQs About Work in Process Tracking

Should I scan the barcode already on the product I’m tracking? Or should I affix new barcodes?

It’s your choice but for tracking purposes, the barcode needs to be unique for each product. Therefore, for example, if the product only had a UPC/EAN barcode that wouldn’t help because it’s not unique. Instead, a serial number barcode would be ideal. Alternatively, you can purchase labels from companies like Maverick Label or ImageTek to apply to each product at the beginning of each work order.

At each step, can the worker see what’s already been done to the product?

Yes, you can. When configuring the app, you can decide what information to provide at each step that will help the worker complete their task.

Can the worker at each step be prompted to answer questions specific to their task?

Yes, you can. For example, you may only want to ask the worker to manually enter or scan a batch number to start the first step. Likewise, you may only want to take a photo of the product during the last step.

What kind of information can be collected at each step?

With our data collection feature, you can have workers scan additional barcodes, take photos, comment via text or voice-to-text, choose statuses from a dropdown menu, and even capture signatures.

What information is included with each step’s scan record?

Each scan record includes who, what, when, and where the product was scanned. Additionally, the worker’s answers to prompts will be included.

Is there a way to see the current status of a work order? And, can that information be shared internally or with a customer?

The Table Builder service includes a shareable web link to view and downloads a special view of your scan records. Only those you authorize with credentials can access that link.

What’s special about this table view is all collected data for a unique product can be listed in a single row for every step in the process.

Can the device that scans the product’s unique barcodes be in a fixed position?

Yes, it can. We call that the “Kiosk Mode” which includes the ability to lock the app. In that way, the worker cannot change in-app settings and you can also restrict the use of the device to the CodeREADr app exclusively.

You can even use the front camera of the device for scanning. Alternatively, if you feel it’s helpful, you can use a Bluetooth scanning accessory paired with the device.

Is there a record stored for every scan? And can I export those records?

A record is created for every scan made and stored on our servers. You can use the auto-generated share link for viewing and downloading those records. Alternatively, you can schedule filtered records to be auto-exported for use in your own database services. For those with developers, you can integrate using our API to auto-retrieve scan records.

Can the warehousing, shipping, receiving, and installation steps be included as steps in Table Builder records?

Absolutely. You can include any action in the table as records.

Can I customize the look of the app? For example, can I change the message given to the app user after a scan? And can I include my company’s logo in the mobile app?

Yes. For example, you can customize the display of the response screen and change the response text. Also, there are both free and paid options for white labeling the app to include your company’s logo.

Do we need special hardware to scan assets?

No. The CodeREADr mobile app is compatible with most devices. For example, it works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as mobile computers. However, we do not sell any hardware. Thus, it is up to you to purchase the devices to use with CodeREADr.

I have remote sites globally, some of which may not have stable Internet connections. Will the mobile app still work?

The CodeREADr mobile app works offline as well as online. However, the Table Builder service does require Internet access. If you expect some locations won’t have Internet on-site, you can instead create a “Validate Scans On-Device” service type.