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Knowledge Base

Emergency Aid Tracking

What Does an Emergency Aid Tracking App Do?

Scan to track emergency relief assets and supplies, improving efficiency and accountability for government agencies and relief organizations.

FAQs About Emergency Aid Tracking

Can I use my pre-existing database of inventory?

Absolutely. You can import your database manually. You can also auto-import your data from third-party service providers. Alternatively, you can integrate CodeREADr with your server to send and receive information directly.

Can we use NFC tags instead of printed labels?

Absolutely. If your device is NFC enabled, you can use this technology rather than scanning via the camera on the device. Learn more about reading and validating NFC here.

How can I prevent duplicate additions to our database?

Duplicate checking and Validating barcodes – a feature that can be implemented on validate scan services- alerts the user that a barcode has already been scanned.

Can we add things like photos or question answers along with the item in the database?

Using our Questions feature, you can include the option to add notes or even specific questions such as damaged goods and location. Learn more about collecting data with questions here.

Can I see who was responsible for a particular item?

By creating different users, scans can be searched by users or show a history of scans for an item that correlates to usernames.

Can we scan things out as well as in? Can we decrease the quantity of an item as we take it out?

A special feature we offer is the Auto Increment/Decrement middleware. Any item that you scan can increase or decrease the current inventory count for that asset by the quantity scanned each time.

Is pricing based on how many assets we have?

Every paid plan has unlimited scans available. Also, our pricing model is per device. For example, we count a device as billable if your authorized app-user signs into the device during your monthly billing period. The monthly count is not based on concurrently used devices. However, it is the total number of unique devices that are signed in during your monthly billing period. Also, each month, this count resets, and each device sign-in counts towards your plan limit.

What if there isn’t a good internet connection on location?

CodeREADr works offline as well as online. While certain features, such as conditional validation and cross-device duplicate checking require internet connection, verifying a ticket against a database is available offline. Learn more about scanning and validating barcodes offline.

Do we need to print labels for our assets or will the codes attached to them already work?

If your assets have barcodes like UPC attached to them already, we can read this code and allow you to add information about the item to your database. If the assets are bare, you need to attach the barcode to them in some way.

The vast majority of our customers use a third-party vendor- one we recommend is ID&C, but any company should work -for the labels themselves. While you can generate barcode values and images on CodeREADr, it is generally time-consuming. Also, it is not ideal for label printing. Once you’ve purchased labels, you can either upload a database of the values you’ve received or scan each code as you track.

Can we add things like photos or item info to the label so that this information appears when scanned?

If you are using a record scans service, create your barcode values on CodeREADr to edit what you show after each scan. If you choose validate scans, you can use any barcodes. Also, you can edit the response text when uploading the database.

You can use Webify formatting to include photos hosted remotely. However, when the scans are downloaded, these images will only be given as links to the images themselves. The response text can include virtually any information you’d like to associate and display with the label being scanned.

Can we generate a report that shows asset data per day?

On the Scans page, you can filter and view a report of codes scanned and even automatically export those records to Excel, Google Sheets, etc. When exported you can sort scans by ‘timestamp scanned’ or by a user who scanned it.

How can we update the quantity or other information about an item?

Advanced Database Builder using Postback allows you to make changes to our default questions with our standard DBB. Using this service, you can attach question responses to your barcode value so that this data is linked. Also, you can edit these responses via this service type.

Can I make the app look any different? For example, can I change what it says when an item is invalid or include my company’s logo?

We offer the ability to customize the display of the response screen as well as change the response text as desired. Additionally, there are both free and paid options for white labeling the app to include your logo.

Do we need special hardware to scan assets?

CodeREADr is compatible with most devices. This includes iOS, Android, and mobile computers. Check the device requirements for CodeREADr here. We do not sell any hardware. Thus, it is up to you to decide on which devices you will use CodeREADr.