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Knowledge Base

Using Laptops with CodeREADr

PCs and Macs

You could use an Android Emulator (e.g. Bluestacks) and download the CodeREADr app from Google Play. If you don’t have access to Google Play then you can request an APK from our support team for side-loading. However, since we are not the emulator developer, we cannot guarantee they will always be compatible. Also, if you use an emulator and have questions about installing it or have any issues, you will need to directly contact the emulator provider.


On Chromebooks, you can download the CodeREADr app from Google Play.

Many webcams do not have auto-focus cameras so you may only be able to scan simple QR codes with them. However, you can use Bluetooth or USB barcode scanning accessories to scan all the popular 1D and 2D barcodes. While Chromebooks can connect with most Bluetooth scanners in the HID mode (keyboard emulation), that’s not true for all USB scanners as some require drivers not compatible with the Chrome OS.

We ran some tests with the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 PA and were amazed at how fast the built-in webcam was able to scan barcodes. Also impressive was how fast this laptop processed scans. And since it’s a ‘convertible’ (laptop to tablet and back) it could be an excellent choice for the Kiosk Mode for barcode scanning. We’ve not tested it deeply but so far we are impressed with its performance – and for $230-$280 it’s affordable. Also with this device, you can download the CodeREADr app directly from Google Play (no emulator required).

Note 2: Photo collection is not available unless you are using an iOS or Android OS device.