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Record Scans Service Type

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Choosing a Type of Record Service

record online

On the Record Scans service creator, you can either require Internet connectivity or not depending on your needs. If you choose to Record On-Device, it saves your users’ scans on the device. Then, you need manually upload those later. If the Internet is available, with Record Scans Online, it will auto-upload your data to the server.

Adding Users

After naming the service and giving a description, you can add user access to this service. By selecting a user account, it will show this service on their device as an option for scanning their barcodes. For questions about User permissions, please visit our article on the topic.

Adding Questions

You can optionally add questions in the next step. In our article about Questions, we explain how to pre-create questions. Also, you can create new questions by clicking ‘add a question’. Any question you’ve made available to all services will appear in the question bank to the right.

From your question bank, you can drag and drop which user prompts you’d like to include with every scan in this service. You’ll need to place the question into the appropriate box corresponding with when you’d like the question to appear on the user’s screen. Also, you can optionally add the question only in cases of a valid and/or invalid scan.

Create multiple questions

Advanced Settings

For a full overview of what each option entails, you can read more on our article about advanced settings.

advanced step

How Do I View My Data Now?

Your next steps will entail viewing and exporting data from the service after scanning on the app. You can begin with our article on what to do with scan records.

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