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Knowledge Base

Using Zebra Touch Computers

Enterprise App for Zebra Devices

Compatible Devices

  • TC20
  • TC25
  • TC51
  • TC52
  • TC56
  • TC57
  • TC70
  • TC75

The Zebra Touch Computer (TC) lineup ranges from rugged smartphones to high-end mobile computers purpose-built for enterprise mobility. Particularly, these devices have built-in barcode scanning hardware called ‘imagers’.

While our CodeREADr mobile apps offer sophisticated barcode scanning technology, we use the built-in cameras of iOS and Android devices. However, a substantial number of clients also want to use imager technology. Why? We compare the technologies in this article. Primarily, it is because imagers have a bright, aimer beam for barcode targeting. In addition, it can read barcodes at greater distances than cameras.

Simply, you can use our app with both imager and camera technologies. Especially, for Zebra Touch Computer imagers, clients use Zebra’s DataWedge app for configuring barcode scanning profiles. Also, for devices without imagers, clients use CodeREADr’s barcode scanner configuration wizard.

We’ve tested the TC25 ourselves and thought we would share the settings that worked for us. We would suggest trying the configurations noted here.

Below is an example of the app functioning with a Zebra Touch Computer with Ring Scanner

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Note: For other devices with imagers, or for scanning accessories and scanning sleds (Honeywell, etc.), we offer instructions for using the keyboard emulation mode with the CodeREADr app.

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