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Third party service providers use codeREADr’s API for many different reasons. One of the most popular is to seamlessly integrate the codeREADr with their services to make the end-user experience simple and intuitive.

An additional benefit is that codeREADr’s Web service become transparent to their customers. With our API you can create and edit Services, Users, and Databases as well as filter and retrieve scan records. You can pick and choose which APIs best suit your needs. Some clients use most of our APIs while others use only a few, most commonly our scans retrieve API. The scans retrieve API is the most popular because it offers an automated way to fetch scan records, modify them, insert them into a third party database and automate reporting.

Workflow Overview – Getting Started

The core task is creating Services. [Check the API]

However, before you can use the API to create Services, you need to first use the API to create Users, Databases, and Questions. It is highly recommended that you use the codeREADr.com web site to create your first Services to understand how everything is linked together.

  • Users: Your authorized app-users that can scan using a Service. [Check the API.]
  • Databases (optional): Your database of barcode values against which a scan is validated and can present specific content to the app-user after each scan). [Check the API.]
  • Questions (optional): Forms presented to the app-user to collect associated information after a scan. [Check the API.]

Once you’ve created the associated User(s), Database and Question(s) you’re ready to create a Service.

To get step-by-step instructions on how to use the website to create Services you can review the Best best practices articles for various applications.

You can also review our full API documentation.

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