Extract specific values from Postback DBB Result text

On the Scans page choose to Create a Template.

1. Let’s assume you had three questions labeled as the following:
2. Drag (or click +) ‘Result’ from the ‘Static’ choices on the left to the ‘Columns’ for the template on the right.

3. Then click the Result field’s pencil icon and to choose Custom to modify the column using a pattern and replacement.

4. You will edit this regex and then enter it in the Pattern field. A good practice is to paste it in a text editor (e.g. Notepad or similar) and be sure there are no spaces.


5. You will enter this in the Replacement field.


6. Use the clone icon next to the pencil to duplicate the Result column for as many fields as you want to collect. For this example, you would clone until I had 3 Result fields to match these 3 questions. You would also rename the header to Name, Address and Company.

7. For each Result field, swap out QUESTION_LABEL with the one you want to be in that column (e.g. Name, Address or Company). For each QUESTION_TYPE, replace with the label found in the raw data, e.g. “text”

For our example, our final patterns should be:


When you export or download your scan records be sure to select this template. Please email support@codeREADr.com if you need assistance.

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