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    Bulk Scan Removal

    This Tasks feature allows the account administrator to remove scan records in bulk. We encourage you to regularly delete scan records to improve the loading speed of the Scans page.  This will help for faster reporting in general.

    It’s import to realize if you need your scan records in the future, you’ll need to download them. In case you need them, keep them saved to your email, your computer, or your own servers.

    Bulk scan removal has filters with several options. Your scans can be filtered by date received (recommended), service used, user who generated these scans, the scan’s status (valid/invalid/error), and devices which the scan was recorded with. Bulk scan removal is a task that is unable to be automated and occur on a regular basis. The task must be scheduled manually.

    bulk scan removal

    Export Barcodes

    With the Export Barcodes task, values in a database can be exported to generate barcode images for your use. This will export ALL values in a database as barcodes, You cannot pick and choose which values you wish to export but you can easily create a new database with just the new barcode images you want to generate.

    This task also cannot be automated, and must be done manually on-demand. However, there is a barcode generator API for that for developers.

    You can optionally create a branded (custom) barcode images using a barcode template. Options include display of the value, what level of error correction is used, the size of the code, and more. You can even add logos to your barcodes for your business’ use.

    instructions to export barcodes
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