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Knowledge Base

CodeREADr Free Plan

With our Free Plan, the limit of scans is 50 scan per month. It lets you create unlimited services and users across as many devices as you’d like. Also, it lets you experiment with our web services, get your users set up, and witness how well our application scans!

Moreover, the Free Plan does not require a credit card for registration. Thus, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

The Free Plan allows you to demo and configure the mobile apps for your intended application. Though limited to a total of 50 scans/month/email account, you can test the most common features with up to 10 devices and 10 app usernames.  Limitations include:

  • No API access – (unless you are a developer you won’t need API access).
  • Auto Sync is disabled
  • CSV Download Link is disabled
  • Maximum of 100,000 database values
  • Scan records are retained for only 90 days
  • No access to curated service “Table Builder
  • No access to curated service “Check-In/Out
  • Limited access to automated Tasks

Developers and enterprise or institutional clients needing more than 50 scans or API access for testing, please email support@codereadr.com. You should include as much information about your company and application as possible. The team will review your request and respond promptly.

FAQs About the Free Plan

What happens if I downgrade from a Paid Plan to the Free Plan?

You will be subject to the limitations of the Free Plan. Be sure to export your scan records and databases within 90 days of downgrading if you will need that data in the future.

Can I control who uses CodeREADr?

Yes. You create and distribute your own app credentials (usernames and passwords) to companies/people you know or do business with. You can delete those credentials at any time or remove them from accessing one or more – or even all services. If all services are removed they will not be able to sign in to the app.

Do you offer support?

Yes. Our SaaS platform is self-service web application that you can use to configure the our mobile app, depending on specific use cases. It is simple and clear. However, you may need help with clarification or special considerations and we would be happy to assist. Support is free for accounts with paid plans and for accounts expecting to sign up for a paid plan after their free trial.

Also, we have an extensive Knowledgebase and Best Practices with Instructions. Thus, use those articles to start configuring your “Services” (tasks). Then, ask questions on our website’s Chat while you are building them. Also, if the Chat team isn’t online, send an email to support@codereadr.com for a quick answer.