An overview of codeREADr – the smart barcode scanning app

Mobile Apps and Cloud-Based Web Services

The codeREADr platform includes:

1. The codeREADr mobile apps. These are used to scan barcodes with the built-in cameras of iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and Android OS devices (smartphones, tablets, rugged computers). Use of accessories (for example Bluetooth scanners) and other capture methods (RFID/NFC, search database, manual entry, etc.) are also supported.

2. Our website ( which includes a ‘service wizard’ which enables you to configure the mobile apps for your use case – including Access Control, Attendance, Asset Tracking and many more options.

Demo Services for the Mobile App and Website

Free Web Sign-Up

If you sign up from the website you will see several demo services on the Services page. These are primarily meant to give you ideas on creating your own services but you can edit and use them in the field, too.

Free Mobile App Sign-Up

You will see the mobile app’s Services screen also has demo services. We highly recommend you scan our demo barcodes to better understand the basic options available. You should open the demo barcode page using your desktop or laptop browser so you can easily scan them from the mobile app. The barcodes are QR codes but when you are ready you can scan virtually any barcode type you need to scan – we cover them all.

IMPORTANT: When you first sign up you can also freely use our SD PRO option. We highly recommend starting with that free option so you can try the special options available. At any time you can remove that option if you feel you don’t need it.

Creating your own Services

The most helpful article in the entire Knowledge Base gives detailed instructions on creating your own services.

Creating barcode scanning and data collection services.

Here are the terms we commonly use in the Knowledge Base:

Service: a customizable tool for scanning. Your service choices determine what to do with the scans, how the mobile device reacts to the scans, and more.

Database: a collection of barcode values you import that scans can be validated against, and responses that show up after a barcode value is scanned.

(App) User: Someone who signs in and uses the mobile app with your permission as the account administrator. Signing in to the website with your email makes you the administrator and you can create as many app usernames and passwords as you want.

Question: One or more questions (or statements) can be presented to the app user after each scan. The corresponding answers can be input by the app user via form fields, barcode scans, drop-down menus, photos, signatures, GPS locations and a variety of multiple choice options.

Administrator: The person responsible for managing your account and for creating & updating your Services, Databases, Users, and Questions.

Support Options

We offer free support via email ( and via our website’s Chat Now option. We discourage phone support because it is far more effective to use Chat Now. In that way, our trained technical staff can answer your questions in real-time, monitor your progress and make suggestions. Also, you choose when you need help – you can start, pause, and start again anytime without losing the Chat’s history.

If you find that you don’t have enough time to set up your services, we offer a paid consulting option for $500. You will be assigned a technical specialist to configure your apps and reports for you, including a training session via a scheduled phone call.

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