Custom On-Device Validation

With our ‘Custom On-Device Validation’ (COV) feature, you can write your own JavaScript to validate based on the barcode scanned, the response text and the app user’s answers to in-app prompts. The service type must be a Record On-Device or Validate On-Device service type with manual upload to our server or auto-sync to our server (or yours).

Here are simple Custom Offline Validation guidelines.

The lead clients for this feature have built some interesting applications. Here are a few.

  • Decryption of encrypted barcode data where the decrypted result is shown to the app-user in the response and becomes part of the scan record.
  • Custom A/B Compare where the app-user is alerted when two barcodes scanned consecutively match or don’t match. The difference when using the COV tool instead of the online A/B Compare tool is the scanning can be done offline and you can customize the matching criteria.
  • Validate an answer to a pre-submit question against the response text in the associated database. Sample script here – let know if you have any questions.
  • Validation statuses over-written when certain criteria are met. For example, a normally valid scan can be changed to invalid based on:
    • the answer an app-user submits to a prompt (a “Question”);
    • when certain text is detected within the scanned value;
    • when certain structured text is detected within the standard response for the scanned value.

Please contact with your specific requirement. For some applications, we will quote writing the script for you.

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