Scheduling and Automation Tools

An important tool on the website is the Tasks page. The easiest way to reach the Tasks page is by going to the “Account” tab once you have logged in to codeREADr. From there, continue to the “My Tasks” tab on that page.

Once you’re on that page, you’ll see something like this:

tasks inbox

One of the main benefits of this tool is to help you automate with scheduled tasks that run in the background. There’s a section for each task type under this Tasks heading.

What Types of Tasks are there?

There are several capabilities for codeREADr’s tasks page, and each has their own specific use.

  • Bulk Scan Removal
  • Download Scans
  • Export Barcodes
  • Export Scans
  • Import Database
  • Import User
  • Postback Scans

tasks list

task list 2nd half

Scheduling these types of tasks can differ between tasks. For all of the Tasks, there are options to perform the task now, or at a later appointed time(s). Some tasks allow advanced filtering of information, such as exporting of scans. Learn about exporting scans here.

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