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    What Does a Coupon Scanner App Do?

    Merchants validate and redeem printed or mobile vouchers, coupons, and offers in-store with our coupon scanner app. Integrate with POS or run independently.







    FAQs About Coupon Scanning

    Do I use codeREADr to create and/or send the coupons to my customers?

    The vast majority of our customers use a third-party service for the process of creating coupons itself. While you can generate barcode values and images on codeREADr, it is generally time-consuming and not meant for actions such as printing or emailing unique coupon codes. Most customers, either manually or automatically, upload a database of random coupon codes to our site and use our app for verifying and tracking the use of the code at their store.

    How can I prevent customers from reusing coupons that are meant for a single use per person?

    Duplicate checking can be implemented as a feature that alerts the user that a barcode has already been scanned and is no longer valid. This will only work to check if a unique value has ever been scanned, however.

    How can I account for reuse of coupons across store locations?

    Commonly, different users are created and named for each store if you will be using the service across multiple locations. All users would be scanning against the same database, however. And, if necessary and if there is an internet connection, any code can be checked to see if it has been scanned by any other user anywhere else.

    How can I allow for reuse of the coupon e.g. a loyalty discount card or universal discount code?

    Using our Questions feature, you can include the option to add notes or even specific questions such as damaged goods and location.

    What if I want customers to be able to use my coupons for a certain number of events or certain days and/or times?

    Conditional validation allows for customization of coupon scanning use cases that have a variable such as time or day. With this feature, you can add a special count and/or duration-based conditions to invalidate scans. For these options, the app-user will need Internet connectivity.

    Is there any way to allow the customer to scan the coupon themselves?

    One of our most popular features is the kiosk mode. In this mode, iOS and Android tablets or phones can be locked to the scanning function. This mode uses the front camera and allows for self-scanning.

    Can I make the app look any differently, e.g. change what it says when a coupon is invalid or include my company’s logo?

    We offer the ability to customize the display of the response screen as well as change the response text as desired. Additionally, there are both free and paid options for white labeling the app to include your logo.

    Do we need to use paper coupons or can digital codes be scanned?”

    Our barcode scanner will work with virtually any barcode in any form. This includes small, dense, damaged, partially obscured, and poorly printed barcodes, and even barcodes at extreme angles. If you are having trouble scanning in your conditions, we offer an advanced scanning engine that is even more accurate.

    Is pricing based on how many coupons we scan?

    Every paid plan has unlimited scans available. Our pricing model is per device. A device is counted as billable if your authorized app-user signs into the device anytime during your monthly billing period. The monthly count is not based on concurrently used devices but instead, the total number of unique devices that signed in during your monthly billing period. Each month this count resets and each device sign in counts towards your plan limit.

    Do we need special hardware to coupons?

    codeREADr is compatible with most devices. This includes iOS, Android, and mobile computers. We do not sell any hardware so it is up to you to decide on which devices you will use codeREADr.

    What if there isn’t a good internet connection in our store?

    codeREADr works offline as well as online. While certain features, such as conditional validation and cross-device duplicate checking, require internet connection, the basic functionality of verifying a ticket against a database is available for download and use without the internet.

    Can we generate a report that shows coupon use per store or per day?

    On the Scans page, you can filter and view a report of codes scanned and even automatically export those records to Excel, Google Sheets, etc. When exported you can sort scans by ‘timestamp scanned’ or by the user who scanned it.

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