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New Zapier Integration for Workflow Automation


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Using Zapier to Connect Third-Party Apps with CodeREADr

Example Applications: Event Access Control, Attendance, and Asset Tracking


The CodeREADr mobile apps and web services are enterprise-grade tools for data capture, validation, and collection (AIDC) – both online and offline. First, to capture data, we offer best-in-class barcode scanning using the built-in cameras of iOS and Android iOS devices, as well as the option to use scanning accessories. Secondly, to validate data, clients upload databases of barcode values and associated information to our servers. [We also enable validation on our client’s servers, but for the purposes of this Zapier discussion we will focus on clients using our servers for validation.]

Thirdly, to collect data, clients have the option to use form fields, drop-down menus, secondary barcode scans, signature capture, photo capture, GPS tracking and custom web forms. With these tools, clients generate many thousands – and even millions – of scan records. Clients can filter, view, share and schedule exports of their records or use Postback and our API to integrate with their servers on demand.

So, you might ask, what does the integration with Zapier offer that isn’t already available? First, let’s understand what Zapier does.

Zapier – What’s a Zap?

Zapier enables cloud-based, third-party applications, like CodeREADr, to transfer data in an automated fashion. Templates are used to make those connections – referred to as “Zaps”.

As described by Zapier:

“A Zap is a connection between two apps made of a trigger and an action. Whenever the trigger event happens, Zapier will automatically make the action event happen for you!”

The key is that you don’t have to be a developer to connect different apps to automate the flow of data. Let’s look at a few examples.

Access Control

Although over 100 ticketing platforms globally have integrated with our platform, there are still many more that have not yet done so. Also, Online commerce platforms directly sell many tickets or via plugins. Some offer a method to validate tickets but often those methods fall short of what’s effective on site. For example, many don’t offer offline validation – what do you do if there’s no Internet on-site?

If those ticketing or online commerce platforms enable a Zapier action, then the system will auto insert the ticket IDs to our server and then to the scanning device. In that way, the event organizers can take advantage of our instant, offline validation feature called Auto Sync. Or they could use CodeREADr for special access situations – like VIP, suite, club or parking access – or even voucher validation.

In some cases, it may be easy enough to manually upload a CSV file of the ticket IDs without using Zapier. However, if there are tickets sold after you’ve uploaded that CSV file you could use Zapier to auto-insert the rest. Note: There’s a 5-minute delay so it’s not real-time.

Attendance Tracking

There’s an incredible number of CRM platforms on the market. Many offer tools for creating events. However, since attendance tracking isn’t generally a core competency of the CRM platform, many use tools like CodeREADr. But how can you insert attendee data to automate the process?

Again here, if the CRM platform enables a Zapier action they can auto-insert the attendee’s information to a CodeREADr database and take advantage of our special attendance tracking features.

As with access control, you can manually upload a CSV file of attendees instead of using Zapier. Nevertheless, Zapier can be very helpful for any attendees who’ve registered after the CSV file has been uploaded. Learn more about attendance tracking here.

Inventory and Asset Tracking

Most accounting software and ERP systems offer inventory and asset tracking tools. Since we specialize in data capture and collection, our tools are often superior. Many use our standard data import and export options. Also, we often get requests for direct integration with the accounting software and ERP systems that our clients use.

It’s virtually impossible to integrate with every platform. Instead, Zapier can be used if Zapier triggers and actions are available.

Getting Started

Please look here for instructions to use CodeREADr as a trigger.

Please look here for instructions to use CodeREADr as an action.

Please look here for instructions to send an email based on scan variables.