January 2, 2017 5 min read

Optimizing Business Processes with Barcode Scanning for Email and SMS Alerts

Trigger email or SMS alerts with a barcode scanner based on the content within the scan record.


Access Control

Asset Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Inventory Audit

Process Tracking



Enhance Your Workflow with Barcode Scanning Technology

Discover how barcode scanning applications can revolutionize your business by triggering email or SMS notifications based on the specifics of each scan. This integration not only streamlines operations but also enhances real-time communication and data management.

Send Emails When Barcode Scans are Uploaded

All uploaded scan records can be sent to a specified email address. Generally, this is used when uploading bulk scan records at the end of a day, shift, etc. You can find this option on the Advanced step when creating or editing your service’s workflow.

Streamline Alert Systems with Zapier Automation

For those seeking automation in sending email alerts based on barcode scan data, integrating with Zapier is your best solution. By creating a customized Zap, you can automate the dispatch of emails or notifications in response to specific scan results. This three-step process involves setting up a trigger, applying a filter for selective alerting, and choosing an action such as sending an email through Gmail.

Leverage Google Sheets for Advanced Alert Configurations

By importing scan records into Google Sheets, you can harness the power of scripts and the Zapier API connector to create custom notification triggers. This method provides a unique opportunity to design alerts that fit the intricate needs of your business workflow.
Incorporating barcode scanning into your operational processes not only enhances efficiency but also brings a new level of sophistication to real-time data management and communication. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can ensure that vital information is promptly shared and acted upon, keeping teams informed and responsive to dynamic conditions.