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Configure codeREADr for tracking processes and ensuring compliance

Whether a manufacturing line, construction site, refinery or vineyard, you can monitor production status in real-time and trigger alerts. No Internet? No problem – scan offline and upload when connected.

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Track production remotely and on-site

Track production flow, on-site and remotely.

First, build the workflow. Then, authorize employees and subcontractors to scan step-specific barcodes when they start and complete that step.

Missed a step? Show as an Invalid scan.

Learn more about work in process tracking

Track unlimited production and processes

Track unlimited processes and locations simultaneously.

Set up a single workflow for all tasks and locations or a specific workflow for each task and location.

Manual Voice-to-Text

Scan records can include text or voice entries, drop-down menus, photos, and secondary scans.

Optionally, your app users can collect supplemental data after each scan.

Defective material? Scan the serial numbers and/or take a picture.

Deviations from the standard process? Document it.

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Offline auto-sync stores scans and validations

Post scan records in real-time or offline with auto-sync in the background.

In remote areas and inside some facilities, Internet connectivity can be unstable.

With offline auto-sync, scans are stored on-device until connectivity is restored.

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Also track receiving, packing, and shipping at any location

Track receiving, packing and shipping

Not only can you track work in process but also, you configure your app workflow for many other applications. For example, you can configure for inventory audits, shipping and receiving, asset tracking, and more.

Compare list of barcodes for verification

A/B Compare for verifying step and material used.

Compare a work order’s barcode with the station’s barcode. Also, compare the specified material’s barcode with the actual material’s barcode before using it. If matching, the app user sees a Valid screen and Invalid if not.

Learn more about A/B compare lists

Capture GPS, timestamps and ID

Capture GPS location, timestamp, device ID, and user ID.

Primarily, capture a timestamp on start and finish to track duration. Also, you can capture other scan properties for formal record-keeping, especially for remote locations. Likewise, you can execute this when records are required to demonstrate compliance.

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Photo capture for verification and evidence

Show photos, take photos.

Have your app users take photos of their completed work and document any problems.

Also, show them photos of their task. Similarly, you can show web content with detailed instructions as well.

Learn more about photo verifications

Use your own smartphone and tablet

Your app users can use their own devices.

Issue new or refurbished devices to employees. Alternatively, ask subcontractors to use their own smartphones, especially if remote or  a time-critical need.

Customize tasks and issue unique app credentials to employees and subcontractors

Customize tasks and issue unique credentials

Customize the workflow for every work order as needed. Then, add instant visual and textual instructions for each step or connect to instructions hosted on the web.

Issue app credentials for each worker via the web or API. Also, schedule removal or manually remove access at any time. Moreover, track their performance on your own servers and databases.

Integrate scans and database with API

Post scans to our server or yours. Post to cloud databases or integrate with your back-end.

Store, filter, view, export, and share your scan records on our server. Also, retrieve with our API or post scans directly to your cloud-based or local servers.

Learn more about our API

Fastest Barcode Scanning App

Fastest WIP barcode scanning app.

Generate new 2D barcodes or use the barcodes you already have. Notably, you can optimize scanning with the built-in cameras for 50+ barcodes.

It’s not just scanning – its also lightning-fast data processing on our servers.

Watch the barcode scanner app video

A Barcode Scanner With Device Flexibility

Use your devices with our without barcode scanning accessories.

Prefer ‘point and shot’ scanning? No problem – you can use scanning accessories too.

Need rugged devices? Check.

Already have devices? Often you can use them too.

Learn more about different barcode scanning devices.

White Label Your Own Work In Process App

Are you a service provider? We’ve got a white label version for you!

For a nominal set-up fee, you can publish the white label version on the stores. Add your in-app links for ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Help’ and even localize much of the default in-app text with your own text.

Learn more about branding the work in process app

Set up in the Kiosk Mode for unattended scanning

Kiosk mode scanning

Track duration for many workers at once. Have them scan their ID to start and scan out when done.

Need duration by task and worker? Have them scan the task’s barcode from the work order and then scan their ID.