December 7, 2016 10 min read

Tracking assets with smartphones and tablets


Attendance Tracking

Access Control

Contact Tracing


Find your tools, vehicles, keys, equipment and other assets

Instantly see a web view listing all the last known locations of your assets and the responsible parties.

For as little as $14.99 monthly.

The tracking of assets and field service workers is one of the most popular use cases for the CodeREADr app. As an administrator, you issue app-user credentials to your designated app users enabling them to scan barcodes on all your assets. The barcodes can be the ones already on your assets or you can affix new ones as needed.

Based on the task assigned to your app users, with every scan, you can have a record including:

  • Barcode scanned
  • Asset description
  • Timestamp scanned
  • The app-user who did the scanning
  • The party assigned the asset
  • The condition of the asset (including  a photo)
  • GPS location
  • Digital signature

You have access to a complete history of all scan records, They can be filtered, viewed online, shared with others, exported to your desktop, auto-inserted to cloud-based databases (e.g. Google Sheets, Excel Online, etc.) or posted directly to your server.

And now with one click, you can now instantly view a list showing the last scan made for every asset, including clickable links for each record’s photo, signature, and GPS location in Google Maps. For more information please look at these asset tracking features and these step-by-step instructions for checking out and checking in assets.