December 7, 2016 10 min read

Optimize Your Asset Tracking with Barcode Scanning Technology


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Streamline Asset Management with Barcode Scanning

Efficiently manage your assets using barcode scanning with smartphones and tablets. Locate your tools, vehicles, keys, equipment, and more with ease. Gain immediate access to a web-based dashboard showcasing the latest locations of your assets and their custodians. Experience this cutting-edge technology for as low as $24.99 per month.

Simplify Tracking with the CodeREADr App

Barcode scanning for asset tracking and field service management is a primary feature of the CodeREADr app, offering a streamlined solution for administrators. By allocating app-user credentials to your team, they are empowered to scan barcodes on assets, whether pre-existing or newly applied, facilitating precise tracking and accountability.

Capture Comprehensive Scan Data

Every scan by your app users captures essential data, enhancing tracking accuracy and asset management:

  • The barcode scanned
  • Detailed asset description
  • Exact time of scan
  • Identity of the app user conducting the scan
  • The individual or department assigned the asset
  • Current condition of the asset, supported by photos
  • Precise GPS location
  • Digital signature for verification

Access and Share Scan History Easily

Access a comprehensive history of all scanning activities, with functionalities to filter, view online, share, export to desktop environments, or integrate automatically with cloud databases such as Google Sheets and Excel Online. Direct server posting is also available for streamlined data management.

Instant Asset Scan Overview

Leverage the power of a single click to view the most recent scans for all assets, complete with interactive links to each record’s photo, digital signature, and location on Google Maps. Discover more about these pivotal asset tracking capabilities and follow our detailed guides for asset check-out and check-in processes.

Enhance Operations with Barcode Scanning

Elevate your asset management strategy by adopting barcode scanning technology, a key tool for tracking assets through barcode scanning, ensuring efficiency, accountability, and security within your operations.