How to Create a Database

Inputting data directly using manual entry and auto-fill as well as how to upload a CSV file for quicker database population

How to Create a User

How to add new mobile app users including a brief overview of CSV multiple user uploading and permissions authorization

How to Create a Question

Learn about the different user prompt types and how to input question data

New Photo Collect

Capture photos and allow app users to attach a photo with each scan as well as create a custom question.

How to Record Scans

Review the basic steps in creating a record scans service.

Scanner Configurations

For paid accounts, learn what this advanced setting can allow you to do such as scanning up to 100 barcodes in seconds

Advanced Settings

A summary and definition of every advanced setting in a validation service

Validate Scans

Visual guide and summary of how to create a validation type service based on the knowledge of how to create a record service.

Export Scans

How to view the data relevant to the admin as well as how to save a preset of filtered data for repeated exporting

Adding Tasks

Automating processes that are common for the administrators’ use