How it works

CodeREADr is an AIDC Barcode Scanner App. AIDC stands for “Auto Identification and Data Capture”

We provide multiple data capture configuration options depending on your use case.

Record Barcode Scans Online

Record Barcode Scans Online

Save barcode values to the cloud. If you’ve lost connectivity, your scans will be saved on-device and synced once you’ve reconnected.

Recording Barcode Scans On-Device

Record Barcode Scans On-Device

No internet connection? Work offline. Save your barcode values on-device to sync later at your discretion.

Validating Barcode Scans Online

Validate Barcode Scans Online

Scan a barcode and we’ll validate in real time against your database stored in the cloud.

Validating Barcode Scans On-Device

Validate Barcode Scans On-Device

Download a database to your device before scanning to validate barcode values in areas with limited Internet connectivity. Sync your results later, after you’re connected.

Validating Barcode Scans on Your Server

Validate Barcode Scans on Your Server

Host your own database and responsive logic to validate scans. Login to codeREADr and direct scans to your server. Either proxy though codeREADr with Postback URL or go directly to your own application.

Building a Database by Scanning Barcodes

Build a Database by Scanning Barcodes

Create a database and add response value by scanning barcodes. You can also re-scan a barcode that is already in your database to update the responsive value. The scans are logged to track changes to the database over time.