Barcode Scanning and Data Collection Solutions

One App. Configure for Multiple Uses.

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Ticket Scanning Solution

Join hundreds of ticketing companies and hundreds of event organizers who use our generic ticket scanning app for access control and ticket validation at thousands of events each year.

Lead retrieval solution

Event organizers and their service providers use our generic lead retrieval app to enable exhibitors to quickly scan attendee badges (Barcode/NFC) and collect lead data.

mystery shopper solution

Brands, merchants and business intelligence partners use our mystery shopper app to audit retail locations to check pricing, merchandising, inventory and counterfeits.

Coupon scanner solution

Merchants validate and redeem printed or mobile vouchers, coupons, and offers in-store with our coupon scanner app. Integrate with POS or run independently.

Attendance tracking scanner solution

Employers, associations and educators can track employees, subcontractors, members and students attendance by scanning barcodes or reading NFC tags/cards.

Security patrol solution

Track facility access points, safety equipment, visitors and incidents with our security app. Capture formal records for reporting purposes.

Remote ordering solution

Enable sales reps and retail clients to check inventory and reorder stock on the go using their smartphones and tablets using our remote ordering app.

Asset tracking solution

Check-in, check-out and audit corporate assets locally or remotely against a known list; collect location and status data; monitor or direct required actions.

Inventory Audit Solutions

Conduct periodic inventory audits with our inventory audit application by scanning barcodes and recording quantities. Optionally validate against current inventory.

Work in Progress Scanner AppWork in Progress Scanner App

Track time, quality and quantity by task, step, worker and location with our work-in-process app configuration. A/B compare each step to ensure accuracy.

Access control solution

Instantly securely control access locally or remotely with a smartphone or tablet – construction sites, trade shows, classes, field & clubhouse, parking lots, schools.

healthcare check-in solution

Track healthcare employees and subcontractors remotely with a timestamp, GPS and proof of presence. Collect status and data with each barcode or NFC scan.

Property Inspector solution

Create formal electronic records of property inspections with a timestamp, photos and associated data collected along with each barcode or NFC scan.

ID scanner solution

Scan to register and provision any ID or credential instantly and securely. Each Provisioned ID is stored in a cloud database for future scan validation.

Emergency Aid Solution

Scan to track emergency relief assets and supplies, improving efficiency and accountability for government agencies and relief organizations.

Mustering Solution imagery

Perform accurate cycle count barcode scanning supplemented with physical counts. Reduce inventory errors with a mobile app featuring a simple user interface for capturing associated inventory data.

Property Inspector solution

Native app quickly and accurately scans barcode data into the form fields of third-party native and web applications.

Picking and Packing Scan solution

Verify that the items shipping employees pack match a shared list. Never send an incomplete or incorrect package to customers again. Scan hundreds of barcodes in seconds and speed up the fulfillment process.