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A “scan barcode” key inserts scanned data into your native app or your web app’s form fields

  • Works in the background
  • Admin-configured for your authorized field workers
  • Works with your database apps (Excel, Sheets, etc.)
  • Works with your ERP/CRM/Custom apps (Salesforce, SAP, etc.)
  • Best-in-Class scan engine for speed and accuracy
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Scan Modes

Batch Mode icon

Batch Mode

Read up to 100 barcodes in a single camera view.

⊕ Preview

Framing Mode

Framing Mode

Capture a barcode only when within the frame.

⊕ Preview

Selecting Mode icon

Selecting Mode

Select the right barcode among many

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Targeting Mode

Targeting Mode

Capture a barcode only when touched by the aimer

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Smart Scan Mode icon

Smart Scan Mode

Capture a single barcode in the full camera view.

⊕ Preview

End of Sale Announcement

June 1, 2024

We will be removing the CodeREADr KEY app listing in the app store and play store search effective August 31, 2024. Instead, existing customers using CodeREADr Key Services will be given a link to download the app directly on their devices. Existing CodeREADr KEY app users can continue to use the installed app on an “as-is” basis until it is formally deprecated on Jan 31st, 2026.

The primary reason for discontinuing the public app listing is that a certain operating system is limiting access to important keyboard functionality required for the ideal functioning of the app. We have been unable to work around those limitations.

The “CodeREADr: Barcode Scanner” app is not affected by this announcement and will remain available and fully supported. We recommend you migrate your CodeREADr KEY app workflows to CodeREADr: Barcode Scanner app to prevent interruption.

If you have any questions, please email