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Instant offline lead retrieval with auto-sync to cloud in background

Events are notorious for unstable (or expensive) Internet connectivity. With Auto Sync, the exhibitor’s leads are stored on their devices and auto-uploaded to the cloud when connectivity is stable.

offline lead capture with auto-sync to cloud

Flexible data collection options

Prompts your exhibitor’s app users to collect specific info after each scan. Options include form fields, single/multi-answer check-boxes, drop-down menus, taking photos, secondary barcode scans and custom web-enabled forms and other content.

Flexible Data Collection

Read any type of barcode. Read RFID and NFC tags

Quickly read even the most complex 1D/2D barcodes on badges.  Also read RFID/NFC wristbands and cards. Manual entry and attendee lookup are backup options.

Quickly Scan ID Badges

Track attendance at hundreds of sessions simultaneously

Control access or simply track attendance at every session independently and simultaneously. Even track attendance at hosted events on or off site.

simultaneously track attendance at events

Control access to expo, sessions and events – online or offline

Access control online or offline

Control access to hundreds of sessions, each with 20 attendees, or to the entire exhibit hall with 100,000+ badge holders.

We have a proven track record with 80+ ticketing companies globally, including extensive experience with secure, real-time and offline access control ranging from 65,000 patrons in 2-hours to 500 connected events in 500 locations occurring simultaneously.

Fastest lead retrieval barcode scanner in the industry

Exhibitor’s quickly scan complex barcodes embedded with an attendee’s contact information. Or scan a simple barcode and show contact info in the response. Either way, speed and accuracy will make lead capture a professional experience for your exhibitors.

Fastest Barcode Scanning App

Control distribution of goods and services to exhibitors and attendees

At check-in, on-site or off-site simply scan their registration or badge barcode to check eligibility for receiving special goods and services. Eliminate duplicate distributions and check loaned products back in at the end of the event.

distribution app with barcode scanning

Customize data collection questions for each exhibitor

Create lead-capture prompts common to all exhibitors or customized for each one. For premium sponsors include their product lists or connect directly to their servers. Configure services for editing lead data while still at the event.

customized data collection

Manage countless events and exhibitors with unique app login credentials

Create and manage 1,000 events + 10,000 exhibitors + 1,000,000 IDs and scan records.  As the event’s service provider you build the services, customize the workflow and issue unique app usernames to each event’s exhibitors.

Manage Countless Events

Exhibitors can view, share and download their exclusive leads

View share and download leads

Easily make each exhibitor’s own sales leads available to them. They can view and download their leads using a web portal accessed with the unique app username you issued to them for the event.

Each lead will include all collected data along with the attendees contact information, provided its embedded in the barcode or included in the response text.

Use smartphones, tablets or barcode scanning accessories

Most exhibitors will use their own smartphones. Others want to rent. You can find companies to rent new or refurbished ones, often with cases, battery packs and even with scanning accessories. Whatever suits you, we’ve got you covered.

A Barcode Scanner With Device Flexability

Control access conditionally based on time, count and duration

Redeeming offers, distributing goods and services and access control can go beyond Valid, Invalid and Invalid Duplicate. To those criteria you can add conditional validations based on time, count, duration and even custom requirements.

customized conditional validations

Integrate your event registration system with API’s

Use our API to automate the creation of services, app users, databases, barcodes and the retrieval of scan records.  You can also post scan records directly to your own servers.

Integrate With Event Registration APIs

White label lead retrieval app

Want your own app store listings and app icons. No problem. Prefer free branding with your logo? Done.

White Label App Icon

Kiosk Mode for unattended use

Kiosk mode for unattended use

On-site surveys? Registration? Attendee’s can scan their registration barcode or badge with a tablets front camera and then be presented with options to register, confirm reservations, add sessions and answer survey questions.

Why the kiosk mode? Because the tablet can be unattended. No access to anything but the codeREADr app and no access to any setting within the app unless you use the administrator’s PIN.

Provision wristbands on-site (e.g. barcode to NFC)

Turn emailed ‘print-at-home’ registration barcodes into RFID/NFC cards, badges or wristbands. Scan the barcode, then tap the RFID/NFC object to associate them in the registration database.

scan RFIC/NFC tag

Controlled re-entry: scan-in and scan-out

At paid events where attendees come and go as they please, you can sync exit scanning and re-entry scanning.  Add even greater security with photo capture on-site.

access control re-entry app

Photo capture, photo provisioning and photo verification

On-site capturing of photos as part of a scan record can be useful for access control, membership registration and even visual documentation of an attendee’s product interests.  Each photo is linked tot the barcode scanned.

verify and capture photo app

Exhibitors can optionally use their own smartphone or tablet

Service providers integrated with CoderEADr typically offer the lowest lead retrieval pricing when the exhibitor uses their own devices. They pass on significant cost-savings compared to provisioned devices (investment, logistics, insurance, etc.), thus increasing the total number of clients.

use own smartphone and devices