Coding Custom Questions

Custom Questions allow developers to code their own question types tailored to collect and validate answer data using HTML and JavaScript.

This feature gives you the flexibility to collect as much data as you want with a workflow that best suits your needs. For example, you could specify the flow of custom questions based on an answer or you could reject an answer if it doesn’t fit the profile of what you are looking for – like a zip code, phone number or a prefix or suffix.

The core value is that the app user’s answer becomes part of the official scan record. To do that you need to simply add a few JavaScript functions to your own web page for sending, receiving and validating the current answer state of your question.

An answer can be the answer itself or it can be an ID linking it to many answers saved on your servers. We enable API access and Web UI access for adding custom questions. The Web UI is located on the Questions page and also on the Questions tab when creating a Service.

There are two options: URL and HTML. Clearly the most flexible is the URL option but the HTML option is especially valuable if collecting data offline or if you don’t want to use your own servers.

Here’s an example of a Custom Question Script that presents the device’s date to the app-user in various formats without the app-user having to enter the date. Email support if you need a TXT file of the script for inserting into the Custom Question field.

For instructions please see our documentation here.

custom questions

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