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Knowledge Base

Table Builder Service

Note: This feature requires a paid plan. After signing into your CodeREADr.com account, please visit the “My Plan” page to upgrade and downgrade as needed. If you would like temporary access without a paid plan please email support@codereadr.com and describe your intended use.

What is Table Builder?

Fundamentally, the Table Builder service type allows administrators to build a parent table (think of a “sheet” in Excel) and child table views where app users scan a barcode and answer data collection prompts (“Questions”) to create, edit and view as fields in each table view.

How does this differ from our standard Record Scans or Validate Scans service types?

  1. Persistent Question Answers: With those standard service types, only admins can view question answers as part of scan records. With Table Builder, assigned app-users can scan to see the current answers and optionally edit those answers.
  2. Tracking Barcode Values: In standard scanning services, scan records are viewed as individual, separate records whereas in Table Builder, scanned values are tracked persistently, as well. In this way, you can track a singular barcode through several phases (child services) of scans. In addition, a summary table is auto-generated for administrators to view and share.


Scan to Build an Asset Table

Configure the CodeREADr mobile apps so your app users can add data to specific tables by scanning targeted barcodes and then entering information associated with each barcode to populate fields within a table view.

App Users Edit and/or View an Asset’s Current Status In-App

When your app users scan a barcode, they can be given the ability to add new question answers or to edit and view existing question answers based on their assigned task.

Admin Summary View Shows Current Status of All Assets

A “Share Link” is auto-created for administrators and authorized personnel showing the latest edits to an asset’s status in the table. A full history of all scans is also available for viewing online or for exporting, as with most standard services.

What Does It Look Like?

Sample Work Flow

track and trace silicone

App User’s View in Specific Services

table builder

View in a Sheet

The barcode value scanned (“Scan Value”) shows all the scan data in a single row even though there are multiple services and app users collecting data.

Multiple Table Views

Multiple table views are created from a parent table.  Each child table view can be used to collect unique data (“answers”) and can have a distinct view of previously collected answers. Each view is typically assigned to a specific app-user along with the option to edit or just view any of the answers in from the parent table. This type of service is ideal when each app user collects data for their own, unique task – such as when tracking processes, production, shipments, etc.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to delete parent scans from the CodeREADr website’s Scans page as this could break your Share URL table view (if you use that feature).